Remember me writing about this?

Go ahead. Read it. Then read what I wrote here and here.

So, yeah. As I said — as I predicted — America — Elves — are… you know the thing.

This is a massive psychological operation that the entire planet is going to succumb to as it once did in the past. This is just another psyop designed to escalate into another cold war scenario that’ll last for decades.

Expect many lives to be lost and global financial markets to take a severe hit on an unprecedented level. As a matter of fact, Biden merely saying that has affected the oil and gas markets.

Remember, nothing necessarily has to be done, or occur. Simply speaking it into action and into existence is enough to cause global hysteria.

WTF was WW2 about again?

In the end, this false flag and the many other miniature ones around the world, will lead to, “Communism wins. FLAWLESS VICTORY!”

Lest we forget:

In the summer, it was Biden vowing that the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan would bear no resemblance to Vietnam — and then it did, in many respects. The president had also said it was “highly unlikely” the Taliban would retake power, which it wound up doing in very short order.

And he’s at it again.

Now, it’s a major assurance Biden just offered about Russia’s potential invasion of Ukraine — that if it presses forward, the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline between Russia and Germany will be shut down.

Biden made ironclad promises on that front during a news conference Monday with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz — and was specific about the trigger.

Scholz on Monday merely said repeatedly that the United States and Germany were united in their potential response to a Russian invasion — leaving the impression they were on the same page on Nord Stream 2.

This dance and posturing between the two nations (US and Russia) will continue. It will be the “Big Happening” while all the small, seemingly insignificant ones will rapidly unfold. More government overreach and interventionism. More encroachment on our FREEDOMS.

Remember the plan, folks: the collapse and destruction of Westem civilization. Israel to become the world’s super power and Russia and China, her protectors, under her control.

This will be The Great Reset/Fourth Industrial Revolution.

You vill eat ze bugz, love ze tranny end be heppy.