Yeah, I mean.

People were pretty mad about this whole thing, but these fags aren’t anything serious.

Cringe level 99.

The outrage culture is just so nauseating, because it is born out of Female Values.

Celebrities were on stage threatening to kill Donald Trump through his entire presidency, but if some retarded redneck says he’s ready to ride or die, it’s like another Holocaust.

This is the hypocrisy that is inherent to female existence and Jewish existence (Femininity).

It’s going to soon be time to remember that we haven’t always been a bunch of sniveling faggots.

As an addendum to that: it wasn’t just low IQ whites that were not sniveling faggots.

High IQ whites used to be able to say “ride or die.” Now, white men are just a bunch of emasculated, effeminate, feel-strong, white knight, mangina retards anticipating what happens after “woooo!” and “wooo hooo!”