So, the CDC says that “99% of US should still be masking”.

By now, this shouldn’t surprise you.

To be fair, we’re still a few weeks away from the “two years to flatten the curve” promise.

So, if we’re going to bring back total mask mandates, we could still get rid of them before the two-year mark they gave us.

So, I mean, states might do other things, but liberal states won’t. If the CDC is getting ready for a big mask push – which is what this implies – then these liberal states will go along with it.

I think there’s probably a new variant on the way.

This whole “eye of the storm” thing can only last for so long.

Soon enough, we will be back in the thick of the mania.

Or, maybe they’ll just start a new cold war with Russia, instead. 

Whatever the case: this is not going to end, and if you think it is going to end, you are delusional.