Wrongthink is very dangerous to “our democracy”.

Wait. I’m considered a terrorist, now?

The concept of government is repulsive to me, but, I hate the US government so much, it’s unreal.

This can get fucking scary. I don’t care what your political beliefs are and neither do they!

Fucking wake up!

Essentially, the idiots who make up the government of the United States, have labeled freedom of speech a terrorist threat to the U.S. homeland. This is as a result of the January 6th honeypot psyop and now the Trucker Convoy honeypot psyop where they will classify regular people as “threats”.

Honk peacefully at the ZOG until its gone.

I mean, I told you this was going to happen and that the suspicious, yet, all-too-soon pullback on the mask mandates and everything else regarding the virus hoax was going to lead to something scarier, but this is so alarming that it makes me shudder.

This is some Stalinist Russia level shit and it is important that I stress to you readers that the real threat is the government. All governments.

So, I guess they are going to finally go after BLM and Antifa, right? If not then this whole statement is void. Don’t hold your breath.

As scary as all of this is I can still keep my wits about me and say, they can go fuck themselves.

They have no right to tell us what we can, or cannot say. They can shove their vaccine and mask up their ass. Also, we are allowed and are expected to criticize the government.

Imagine Joe Biden and the retards in government — both sides of the spectrum — Liberals and Conservatives — referring to parents who believe they should have a say in what their children are taught, as Domestic Terrorist.

Now, if you speak up against these tyrannical governmental agencies that enforce Feminine/Jewish-controlled government tyranny (Communism), you are also a domestic terrorist.

Sounds like a Communist dictatorship, no?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Big Brain Biden is going after everyone who said the shots were safe and effective, due to the fact that it’s now misinformation.

Imagine for a moment that there are people, right now, in this country who believe the government has never lied before, or misinformed the populace.

Point out to them that Biden, yesterday, literally tore the Constitution into pieces and watch the dumb stares you receive.

Ask them who they think is going to decide which narrative is false and misleading. Of course it’s going to be the fuckheads in government, but you pointing that out to them will ricochet back to you as it being something normal. As if it’s supposed to be that way. “Why are you making such a big deal about this?”

So, Biden literally made criticizing the US government illegal.

Censorship is Feminine!

Why is he still alive?