I told you guys that Feminine values are behind the covid hoax, mask mandates and “vaccine” mandates.

I also told you guys that Feminine values are also behind the covid hoax “awareness”, mask and “vaccine” resistance.

All of it, on both sides are Feminine constructs.

The entire response to “the virus!” hoax is Feminine hysteria and the feminine hysteria wroughts more irrational and hysterical responses .

No one must die. No one should ever die, especially women.

Then the lies, the fabrications, exaggerations and doubling–down on the lies and fabrications, which lead to more and more sensationalism. It is all female behavior.

The multiple “new variants”, the mask mandates, mask-ur-baters and mask police, “vaccination” compliance and the stupidity behind all of it — one must get vaccinated to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated, even though the “vaccine” doesn’t work and will only work if and when we are all “vaccinated” — are all constructs of the Feminine mind.

If you spend enough time around women, you’ll see this to be the case with just about everything they “show interest” in. This is how their brains operate.

The same shit is going on with the pushback, where “how women are affected”, women being at the forefront of every “new discovery” about the “vaccines”, women’s experiences are only what matters, women using the mommying tactic (we have to be concerned for the children) are being used to “spread awareness” and foment a resistance.

The men — podcasters like Stew Peters — are depending on “women doctors” and nurses to give their inputs, opinions, “insights” and “share their experiences”, simply to validate the men and their vocations. Using emotionalism and sensationalism to get views. All this is done in the name of “spreading awareness”.

(They will feature some woman who is supposedly a doctor, or a nurse, looking like a Q-Tard — heavily made-up, grey haired, cat glasses wearing kook — a mommy — to sanction and validate what the little boy is engaged in. It is a subtle message being sent by these men: “See? Even a woman agrees with me”.

This means what he is speaking about must be true, because a woman — a mommy — a Healthcare provider — is on board. This coupled with the fact that most of the people buying into the bullshit are just as stupid to have an unwarranted affinity towards women, in general. They themselves are gynocentric and rely on this feminine conditioning to convince them of what reality is.

It is no different to women thinking that their vaginas are arbiters of right and wrong and reality. For example, a man will say something truthful and profound about women that women wouldn’t like and the women will say, “he must be a virgin”, as if access to vagina is how anyone learns and shapes one’s perspectives).

Feminist (Feminism is inherent female biology gone political) rhetoric, such as “My body, My Choice” is being used as some sort of catch 22 response and resistance to the very same Feminine insanity that is behind the covid hoax. It is supposed to be a response dipped in irony, to the political Leftist retards who are pro-abortion.

Again, “My body, my choice” is a feminine, Feminist construct that is being pushed by women to co-opt and confound the narrative against “vaccine mandates”. It is a convolution of what freedom really is about by portraying it as rebelliousness regardless of facts and reason. FREEDOM is NOT emotivism.

“My Body, My Choice” means men do not have paternal rights, nor any say in whether or not a cunt can kill the offspring that he aided in conceiving. Then there is the underlying sentiment that a woman is allowed to be a promiscuous whore and society is supposed to not judge, but champion it. “My Body, My Choice” as it pertains to abortions is a fallacy, born out of the inherent need for a woman to be rebellious to men.

It must never be misconstrued with what governments around the world are trying to do. Governments do not hold any legitimacy over our lives, so the concept of bodily autonomy is apt, but a man does over the woman he impregnates. This is a fact of life and nature. Men rule, women subservient. Any other way, as we have seen over the past few decades, leads to decadence and destruction.

Women are NOT people. They are property and the more we ignore this reality and fact, NOTHING will ever change for the good.

As long as women are allowed to roam freely in society all manner of inanity and insanity will be normalized.

You don’t have to like me, nor like what I’m saying, but you will never be able to prove me wrong. You don’t have to agree either, but based on how far your brain can take you, you’ll never be able to disprove what I’m saying, because it is a FACT OF HUMAN EXISTENCE.

Feminine values being on both sides of this hoax simply means that nothing good can come out of any of it.

The Elves know this and the other elites are very much aware and they will allow it, because they understand exactly what it is I’ve been saying in my blogs — NOTHING will happen, and certainly nothing good. This is especially the case when there are two opposing narratives that are dominated by Feminine values.

So, go ahead. Continue to listen to women. Continue to let them stir up your emotions with their emotivism and hysteria. Let them dominate. Continue to take their queues.

I’ll be sitting right here, waiting to tell you, “I told you so!”

You’re not going to like it, but, who cares?