I’ve been getting some shit from certain dickheads that I exaggerated the fact that Covid was never ending and now it actually is ending.

The problem with that theory is: it’s not ending. The fact that some countries are rolling some things back (or, appear to be rolling them back) means that they’re giving people a reprieve and are aware that boiling the frog too quickly isn’t a good idea.

There is no plan to stop any of this. We’ve already seen several different rollbacks in different areas, only for the agenda to come back stronger and more severe.

However, in most places, it is getting more severe now. Much of Europe is getting more severe. Australia and New Zealand are getting more severe.

Anthony Fauci just came out and announced a fourth booster shot.

So this narrative of “oh, it’s winding down now” is just simply wrong.

It’s not winding down. This is like if you’re in the trenches in a gun fight – at some point, there are going to be less bullets flying, because the soldiers on the other team have to rest, to sleep, to reload, and so on.

One more time: in a lot of places, this agenda is worse than ever.

In America, Fauci is not backing down.

The CDC just came out and announced that 99% of people still need to be wearing masks in all indoor settings, and that they’re preparing a new guidance on that.

Meanwhile, more American cities – not fewer – are implementing full QR code systems, which is a de facto lockdown for the unvaxed.

So just stop saying “it’s winding down.”

Furthermore, they want you to say it’s winding down, because if you think that, it will make you less likely to fight back and do the things necessary to protect yourself for the coming next phase — getting violent.

Trust me, I have no issue admitting I was wrong. I admit freely that I thought things would be a lot worse now than they are, but the reason they are not worse is that the people in charge know how to boil frogs well. They’ve been doing it for thousands of years and have thousands of years to reference for what to do and what not to do.

This isn’t over. I promise you that. Just look around and you can see it’s not over. It’s not winding down. Stop saying that.