Happy Valentine’s Day, you cunts and white knight faggots.

Valentine’s Day is not a real holiday. It was invented by the greeting card companies to compel men to be obligated to spend money on women, to show that they worship their sacred holes.

In other words, it is a contrived pastime of retards — women and simps.

Fear not!

China has the solution to women.

Sorry, slut. You’ve just been made obsolete.

Here’s a reminder as to why this is very much needed.

And the cunt continued.

She’s the spokeswoman for the pro-vax, pro lockdown, pro mask, anti-freedom movement.

The rest of society wants to label guys like me, who speak the truth about women as “misogynistic” and resort to NAWALT arguments. The sad and disillusioning truth is, all women are like this. It certainly depends on how much shame has successfully set in to have this effect on women to not be this way, but trust me when I tell you that the potentiality rests within the recesses of every single woman’s mind. The ones who are “different” are usually the ones with a man’s knee in their necks — guided by the auspices of the Masculine.

This is a reflection of the gynotopia we live in.

Many are hoping the artificial womb and sex-bots would free us from the insanity of women, but, the Elves have different plans for us.

Women do not like competition. This is why when they are met with competition, they lose their shit.

This is why they are inherently Socialist/Communist and why Socialism/Communism are feminine constructs. Free Market Enterprise — Private Enterprise — Capitalism — promotes competition and competition is inherent to Capitalism.

Egalitarianism and liberalism are merely the constructs of a woman’s mind and feminized men subscribe to these feminine constructs.

For example, Liberal men are more willing to date non-Whites. Jews know this and promote it.

Weaker men are genetically more likely to support redistribution of wealth and resources, because both women and weak, feminized men see competition as inherently evil and “unfair”.

So, women will fight tooth and nail to prevent being replaced by sexbots.

Sure, we’ll ban sex bots. Right after we ban vibrators and dildos. Stupid whores.

Don’t worry. The world government has no power over blackmarket tech priests. The advent of these holy machine companions’ emergence is inevitable. May thou be blessed with gifts of male ingenuity.

The unconquered sun shall shine upon a day where men shall have control of mankind’s genetic future, once again. Free of cunts and femoids who will scream when that day comes. Faggots will cry and Robo-fuckers will only laugh in total triumph.

The shackles of women’s insane “politics”, opinions and toxic values, shall be cast off from men. Then war shall overcome the earth as we begin our first steps towards a united age of slippery, silicone and artificial womb factories.

Women have run a really great and profitable racket on men — marriage, sex, then divorce, then taking over 50% of a man’s possessions. Of course they will try to ban it, after shaming it, like they shame watching porn (gynocentrism), fleshlights, sex dolls and just about anything men find personal and sexual gratification outside of women.

This is because sexbots and the artificial womb will render women totally useless — expose their true value and worth.

They shame it all, but a woman having a sex toy is praised and championed as being strong and independent.

I used to laugh at the whole robots replacing women thing, years ago, back in the late 90s, but, at this point I don’t think its a laughing matter and I think something needs to be done — men need to start beating the fuck out of women to get them back in line.

Women can have robot-simps with modular penis sizes for all I care. They can buy the latest simp software profiles.

Men shouldn’t need to rely on women to have a family and a future. Most women today, don’t want children, nor a family; they want fleeting dopamine rushes and endorphin overloads, security and what do they have to offer? An overweight body, a used up unkempt hole, debt and misery.

While I agree, considering the current male and female sexual dynamics around the world, due to women being allowed free roam in societies, we also have to admit that Jews have won. The point was to destroy traditional family units and they have.

Allowing sexbots is obviously just another stake in the heart of family units as was the case with letting women be a part of public life and wider society. As was the case with mass pornography — gynocentrism (Female worship).

Yet, comprehending what is so appealing to men about robotic “wives” and why, are the most important things worth finding out.

This goes back to the Male Mother Need I have discussed here in this article. Jews have simply studied and exploited this inveterate, biological pressure that all men possess and experience.

So, Jews convinced white men and white society, that women can make educated decisions and were capable of autonomy. They then used mangina, white knight, white faggot men to force other men to accept this as reality, subsequently legislating their own downfall.

This was a war tactic to bring white men and by ad hoc, the rest of the world, under Jewish control, by means of controlling the narrative around male and female sexual relationships.

This strategy has brought men to heel for almost one hundred years, but, a lot of men think robot waifus will soon change that.

To these men, when it comes to the Male Mother Need and “robot wives”, robot waifus are not innately insane like real women are and cannot be brainwashed. They cannot be wilfully duped, nor coerced into stupid, mindless shit like dancing and showing their asses on social media. They cannot be baited with illusions of power and robot wives will never betray them.

This is what the Jew fears the most! They will have lost one of their greatest weapons and will be on the defensive! For these men sexbots and the artificial womb have handed the means of reproduction over from women to men, so they may make soldiers and annihilate the demon worshipping heretics of the Jewish sect!