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There is so much to say about the hit piece on Nick Fuentes, the internet jackass and moron Baked Alaska and all the other retards associated with these cringe, manlets; I really don’t know where to begin.

Uh. If you haven’t watched it, there are going to be spoilers, but I’ll start off by saying this: these guys don’t listen! They don’t listen to when I say things to them and like women, their stupidity and need to be cool and edgy will always come back to bite them in the ass!

All in all, this was truly a hit piece and I think I’ll be writing about it all week, because there are so many things to dissect and that are worthy of commentary.

Let’s get into it, a bit.

Louis Theroux made them all look like huge pussies (he exposed them for what they are) that are too scared to say what they really believe in. Yeah, “there is no such thing as bad PR” and “bad PR is good PR”, but these guys aren’t really about anything serious, other than sensationalism.

He told Baked he was both coping and seething while the other dude — Beard Beardson — ran away to seethe and cope in private, instead of standing up to the idiot journalist. Like, come on bro! We know he’s interviewing you in bad faith. Be calm, composed and articulate and do Jared Taylor! That’s what these guys need to adopt — the WWJD – “What Would Jared Do”.

That’s another thing. Louis Theroux will never interview uncle Jared Taylor, so he went for the lower tier idiots.

The stupid cunt, Venti (these guys NEVER LISTEN! Women will only fag your operation. They are the weakest links and will always betray the tribe!) makes an appearance and comes off as even more retarded than normal (not surprised).

She tries to act like she had no idea people were like “totes for realz racist and stuffz” (this isn’t surprising. Anything women see being viewed as “embarrassing” by the majority, they’ll try to distance themselves from it). She somehow looks even weirder on British cameras for some reason, but this is exactly what women do — grift and larp.

In my opinion I think it was a successful hit piece and I do not say this in revelry. The Jewish media is literally working to build these morons up as a threat. It was easy to do, too, because these guys are everything I describe in my articles that’s wrong with white Westem culture and white men — Feminized and Feminine Sensationalism.

They will do anything for a laugh and for attention, like women. They are literally akin to and have shaped their style after the MTV Jackass era. The whole Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, cringe, contrived humor that isn’t at all funny. It never was!

It’s so fucking lame and cringe, it’s like to watching Dane Cook standups.

This is the dopamine rush that these retards like Baked Alaska are seeking and attempting to induce in other young white males on the internet and the Zoomertards can’t differentiate and discern the differences.

Nick Fuentes, I have come to understand is truly a grifter and I am convinced that he is controlled opposition and this documentary is part of the agenda. I’ll expound on this in a later article.

So, they were an easy target for Theroux and his lame, cheap, in-bad-faith “journalism”. They made it easy for him. Especially Beard Beardson. What a fucking loser.

I have absolutely no idea how anyone who isn’t a complete child/man-child, could watch this “documentary” and not be embarrassed. The worst part is that these guys made themselves look like clowns with their absolute cringe, from Baked Alaska’s “Twitter is Gay”, to the Beard’s “I’m gonna rape you Brittany Venti” video.

Holy fuck, if this is the best these young white males have on the right, then they’re totally fucked, as I’ve pointed out in many other articles.

So, let’s dial back a little and talk about “the message”.

Everything young white males are saying is 100% correct and truthful, but wasn’t reflected well, as expected, by Theroux. When it comes to white replacement, immigration, women, the lying, deceitful Jewish lamestream media, Jews, Jews, Jews, these guys — America First — is spot on! Yet, this was a highly edited hit piece!

I’m looking forward to when Baked and others who were doing their own independent recordings release it on the internet for all of us to see.

Nonetheless, these guys are retards and make whites look really, really bad! They play right into the hands of the Elves and their smear machine, the ADL.

These morons do not comprehend the things I teach you readers here in this blog. For example, they cannot discern that the term “White Nationalist” has been hijacked by Jews and anti-white retards and it is okay to articulate that you are indeed a White Nationalist, but not the way the term has been hijacked, demonized and portrayed in the Jewish media. That it is okay to be white and to want whites to have their own homeland and to survive and prosper without people thinking that whites want to crush and subject non-whites to hatred and violence and genocide.

American Zoomers are more bewildered and clueless than I had imagined. This Fuentes dickweed is just a grifter and he is leading the lambs to the slaughter. If you can’t look normal with softball Louis Theroux questions, then you’re not gonna make it.

To be fair, Louis should have never released this. You can’t really do a documentary if you can’t allow yourself to understand the subject. It would have been better if he tried to see their POV, then explain why he finds it reprehensible after understanding it.

Fuentes came out the best and he is a troll. He at least owned the demographic issue. Louis should have spent more time exploring that angle, but we can’t lose sight of the intent — psyop.

He basically made America First into a “Supervillain Organization”, that is plotting to take down America and the values it stands for.

After thinking about it again, it’s honestly worse than if he just made a personal hitpiece against Nick.

It is all part of the Jewish/ADL plan to set these guys up as a threat and I think it worked.