It was always going to end up this way, as I’ve predicted. “IRREGARDLESS”.

It is merely a psyop, as I’ve stated before, to complete the next phase of a Communist takeover.

Confused? I’ll gladly explain, AGAIN!

First off, protests (“peaceful protests”) are gay, feminine larps that The Powers That Be (TPTB) weaponize. As I’ve iterated in recent articles, women are agents of chaos, they literally fag and destroy everything, nothing good comes of them in and of themselves and Communism is Feminine, hence women are the tools used to demoralize and stagnate.

Protests, being the feminine constructs that they are, are essentially begging and beseeching one’s abuser to stop abusing. This, of course, is in addition to the fact that protests are recreational outrage outlets for women to show their asses and put themselves on display. The “Girls Gone Wild” behavior is never too far behind, where women get worked up into a [sexual] frenzy and howl and hoot “Wooo!” and “Woohoo!” like they’re at a music concert, or nightclub. The men react to this, because they are mentally conditioned to know that women start dancing and showing their breasts, soon after.

TPTB understand this and use it very well. They have been spitefully playing the Macarena song in some locations. It is essentially crowd control without having to lift a finger. The sheep are already feminized — dumbed down and retarded.

To put it succinctly, the Trucker Convoy is the new Woodstock.

This is no different to the stupid dancing nurses in hospitals at the beginning of the scamdemic. Involving women will result in nothing being done, but more tyranny.

The truth is, everyone that’s invested in this Trucker Convoy, is not seeking change, but seeking a dopamine rush via a global party, just to feel warm, cutesy and cozy inside. A global Woodstock festival where cringe, retarded sheep can self-aggrandize and pat each other on the backs in the name of “fighting for freedom”.

Yes, “fighting for freedom”, yet not fighting at all.

All of it is totally fucking gay, contrived and pretentious.


The Trucker Convoy isn’t doing anything, but creating more problems for everyone else. These types of videos are merely intended to stir up the feminine, “Be Nice”, feel-good responses, which result in complacency and being docile.

It is Feminine values that has enveloped the entire white race and I’ll say it again: anything you involve women will be destroyed and cease to be what it was intended to be.

Listen to this jackass.

Case In Point! He isn’t there to fight!

Now for the second phase of the psyop. It pertains to this:

This used to be called the “War Powers Act.”

It is martial law in an October Revolution style.

They started mobilizing days before Trudeau’s announcement yesterday.

People think there will be a civil war, but there won’t.

I told you guys this was going to happen and I explained why. I just did again, earlier, but there is more to this psyop.

The second aspect of this psyop is very much related to the first, as it is the merely another phase of the one mentioned before – Communism cloaked in Feminine “Be Nice” Values.

It is important that you comprehend this: All of this was a psyop the whole time, like I said. None of it was and is organic.

Here we have a bunch of retards who are identified as “angry, fed up Truckers” who are irate about the mask and vaccine mandates. They are blocking trade routes which is an act of war. In case you did not know, blockading is an act of war.

This, then, be it out of mindless ignorance, or be it a spiteful operation orchestrated by the Communist government of Canada, allows for the fucks in government to take a militaristic stance and maneuvering, against the people of the country.

What don’t you understand about Communism?

The Trucker Convoy is a false flag, psychological operation, featuring dumb fucks flying “Fuck Trudeau” banners over restricted airspace, that creates the narrative and impetus for a Communist takeover.

The Revolutionists are now masking themselves as “Anti-Revolutionists”.

The gay Trucker Convoy has played right into their hands and have given the Communists an excuse to nationalize and have the military take over. And guess what!? More than half the country will be on board with it.

Now, obviously not everyone that showed up to the Trucker Convoy psyop is part of it. This is exactly why it is a psyop — a psychological operation — to fool targets into behaving a certain way that will lead to achieving bigger goals. For instance, all of you who are supporting it, from the comforts of your homes, have been duped into the psyop, even though you aren’t physically present. You have succumbed to the emotionality and feminine bullshit and would be out there, too, with your girlfriends, wives and children, with your flag helmets and flag underwear in the freezing cold behaving the same way those morons are, out there in Canada, New Zealand and elsewhere. Falling for the psyop as they did on January 6th.

Because you’re feminized!

I know a lot of jackasses will be reading this and asking, “well what are they supposed to do” and “since you’re so smart, why don’t you go show them how it’s done?”.

Okay. No problem. I will.

Listen carefully, moron.


Stop begging and supplicating like bitches. Protests are the abused begging their abusers to stop abusing them. Don’t beg them to stop. Make them stop.