That’s it, folks. Nothing to see here. Go on home now. It’s all over.

The blockaders have agreed to leave. The revolution is over and guess what? Tyranny just grew larger! Would you have believed me a few weeks ago when I told you this would happen?

Man, I’m seriously getting tired of having to say, “I told you so.” Sincerely. I am. Just fucking listen, will you?!

The “Covid Freedom Revolution” is over. Nothing was gained. Canada is now worse off than it was a few weeks a go. What a disaster the blockades turned out to be. Another psyop succeeded.

Trudeau doesn’t and didn’t have to use the military! Simply, because people have too much to lose! Freedom can only be attained when one has nothing left to lose!!!!

Many think a fringe minority blockading citizens in their homes is freedom. Unbelievable.

Many are also saying provincial vax mandates have been removed, since the trucker protest started. They think they have personally experienced tangible results from the protests; that they can do things today, that they couldn’t do 3 weeks ago.

What are those things? Like I said before in a recent article: all Feminine, mindless self indulgent, hedonistic pleasures that keep their heads in the sand. They can’t see that a quite a significant lot has been taken away from them; that they are no more free than they were a few weeks ago. These are the sheep.

Nothing of value was gained from the blockades and protests, other than the government setting a very low precedence for wartime rule over its citizens.

Mission accomplished!

The reality is, provinces lifting the mask and vax mandates, swore they’ll be back if “cases increase”.

Other provinces, pinky-swore they’d do the same so the truckers would go home. Quckbec is making the vax mandate into law and is otherwise changing nothing. British Columbia is quintupling down on vax mandate shit, nonetheless. Other provinces aren’t doing anything at all as far as suspending, or doing away with mandates.

So, you be the judge.

In the grand scheme of things, nothing has changed for the better.

For the most part, no restrictions are getting lifted and they can drop a “new variant” anytime they want and new lockdowns and restrictions will return.

If all of this is just media propaganda against the truckers, it means things are a lot worse than anyone is suspecting. It means what is to come will be devastating.