I’ve officially decided to change the name of this blogsite to “I TOLD YOU SO” .com.

Everything I tell you guys about society, women and human existence is a fact that can only be denied if you’re a retard.

Remember me saying that society is gynocentric and that women are agents of chaos and that women resort to proxy violence via the simps and manginas that make up the state and the police? Remember?

Well, here’s a reminder anyway.

The feds posted a Valentine’s Day message encouraging vindictive women to snitch on their ex-boyfriends.

They promised that the ex would get a “present,” by which they mean they will send a small army to their houses to kill their dogs and arrest them at gunpoint.

I have… I have maybe never seen something this weird in my life. I guess I say that every day.

Here it is, outside of the tweet:

Many ignorant and misguided folks, often speak of how out of touch the establishment is, but apparently they are very in touch with the spitefulness and vindictiveness of women. As I’ve said countless of times, they have all afford The Feminine and we truly live in a gynotopia.

Obviously, of course, the tweet was put out by an affirmative action hire woman, but I can guarantee you that some bitch saw this tweet and called the ATF, because their ex-boyfriend owns guns.

Even if the guns end up all being legal, the dogs are all still dead.

If the feds raid your house on a bad tip, they don’t apologize for killing your dog. They do not bring you a new puppy. They don’t even offer to help you bury the dog. They just leave the dead dog on your front lawn for you to deal with.

This really is the most obvious example I’ve seen so far of how the system leans and relies on the debauched nature of women to push their Communist agenda.


It’s just like “hey, are you a vindictive, lonely bitch looking for revenge? We will kill your ex-boyfriend’s dog and maybe put him in prison too! Call us if he owns a gun!”