You vill get ze vaccine
You vill vear ze mask
You vill take za boosta
You vill stay in ze lockdown
You vill not zee grandma and grandpa at ze Christmas
You vill Distance Socially
You vill eat ze bugs
You vill protest for ze BLM
You vill donate to ze BLM
You vill include zur gender pronouns on zur social media
You vill eat ze Meat Beyond
You vill live in ze pod
You vill zubzcribe to ze steaming services
You vill order ze uber eats
You vill zubzcribe to ze gamepass
You vill own nossing, and be heppy!

I see a lot of people regurgitating what I’m saying all over /pol/ and other social media platforms.

Canadians are not losers. They’re just feminized, like the rest of the western world is.

In addition, they’ve been convinced that laws matter. Laws are merely opinions backed by a gun. There are people who literally believe that these opinions matter and they cannot comprehend that all of it is just make believe. This applies mostly to the cops and military. These dimwits truly believe, in a religious manner, that these people’s opinions matter. Words that they right down.

It’s so sad, yet so predictable, how the blockades played out, though. They achieved nothing besides Martial Law (more made up shit that is believed to mean something and have power). None of the trucker’s goals were met. Now they are all subject to asset seizure and arrest.

How terribly embarrassing the protests became in the end. The government loves protesters, because it reminds them of how much power they truly possess over the dumb, feminized masses.

Businesses on the other hand, hate the protesters as they should, but this is another intended effect. Now, there will be no second guessing the need for automation. Now, it is necessary for them as a resort.

Canadian citizens love and hate the protesters, because they are torn and divided. Exactly what the elites want. It makes it easier to rule and dominate.

This is what happens when feminine values and ideology are prioritized — gullibility.

I think it’s fair enough at this point to refer to Pierre as Justin’s “alleged father.”

There is a lot of evidence that his mother did in fact have an affair with Fidel Castro.

He sure looks a lot like him.

Goddamn, what a faggot!

Wouldn’t it have been interesting if the truckers all took the wheels off of their trucks and made them completely impossible to move, so that it takes months for the government to remove the trucks?

That would be so sad.

Ehhhhh… who am I kidding. Westerners are too feminized to think of anything novel, or clever. They rather have women do the thinking. Can you imagine? It’s nauseating. They are duped into believing dictum.

Look, you may not like what I have to say and you may disagree, but you’ll never be able to prove me wrong. Attempting these things will only reveal that you have not thought about any of it, as I have.

Here’s another way to look at all of this.

Remember all the rioting that occurred in 2020? Of course you do! Who could forget a thing like that? Everyone remembers 2020 and will never forget.


Now, remember CHAZ and CHOP? The gay Communist Autonomous Zones in Seattle?

The gay Trucker Convoy bears absolutely no difference to those.

The same psyop that was CHOP and CHAZ, is now “HONK”!

There is billionaire money and alphabet soup agency involvement in all of this.

Retards are falling for it all, because they believe.

The goal is to make the west look like the Middle East and other regions where there is intense conflict and as always, women are the tools and agents of chaos to light the spark, because they believe all of this shit matters.

If you listen to people talk about the “protests”, you’ll get a loud sense of estrogen blaring at you.

They’re literally saying gay shit like, “people are really angry, but everybody so far have been really, really, peaceful”.

They put so much emphasis on that last part and truly believe that it matters in some great, meaningful way. Essentially, making my point, that all of this is born out of the belief and obeisance to Feminine energy, which results in nothing but, stupidity and subsequently more harm.

Women will and can only fag your efforts and operation. Protests are Feminine larps that are tantamount to begging and beseeching one’s abuser to stop abusing them. The “being peaceful” is the same Feminine “Be Nice” bullshit. All of white, western culture is Feminized and champions female values that they believe in.

Yes, being peaceful matters, because it is how the powers that be are able to conciliate you and keep you docile and supplicating. It is how they have trained us, like good little children to believe that a peaceful approach matters and how change is affected; threatening us with force and violence if we do not behave and “ask nicely”, because only they get to use violence. We must be peaceful!

Get the fuck out of here with that fucking bullshit. I don’t know which I hate more; the gynotopia, or government. Oh wait. They’re both one and the same.

No where, no how, no time in history has freedom been attained by “being peaceful”. You don’t believe me? Look at any uprising, or quests for freedom in the past and you will see that they all demanded it be taken.

“Being peaceful” is not the same as diplomacy, because it does not make you free! It means that you are bargaining with someone, or entity that dominates you! Ruling over you, because you believe what they say hold merit and sway; you believe they have power, dominion and legitimacy over you.

How and why is Trudeau still alive?

We need masculinity.