Since Justine Trudy declared Martial Law in Canada, how has it been going, you wonder?

Well, let’s just say, these Leafs brought The Day of the Rake upon themselves, as I said they would.

Are you surprised? I’m not. I told you so. It’s okay. You dumb asses on Fundies Say The Darndest Things are eating your words now. Why? Because you are dumb, statetheist morons. You’ve simply replaced the belief in god/gods with the belief in the state/government.

I can’t believe I used to be a part of that forum back in my militant atheist days. James Randi is probably rolling in his grave.

I can’t believe I was part of FLASH (Florida Atheist Secular Humanists). Admittedly, I was one out of the only two Libertarian members (thank you D. Attinsky). The rest of the atheists were statetheists (Socialists/Communists).

Naturally, what the faggot, Trudeau, has wrought, is exactly what these retards on FSTDT want.

Anyway. Enough of these quote-mining retards.


Candians see this stuff happening and still dont fucking kick off a revolution. You know why. I told you why. I’m not going to remind you why, but I’ve been telling you why, for almost a year now. My predictive power when it comes to this inescapable model is quite reliable. Now you know, you can expect it to be the case with anything that one particular element and factor includes.

It’s over for the West.

How do you still “peacefully protest” when this Communist does shit like this? Grab arms and revolt already!

Ah! That requires masculinity, though. Exactly what is absent in the Western gynotopia.

This just in:

*checks cabinet* Yup, my silver is still right where I left it.

Do you know how hard it is for the normies to understand this? I’ve seen it so many times with Mt Gox, Coinbase and all the other crypto exchange, mega exit scams. But it’s something the normies keep falling for.

Why do they not have their own wallets? Only morons would solely rely on exchanges.

Not only that, but, if the exchange does comply, it’s totally dead. No one is going to use an exchange that complies with bullshit like this. They shouldn’t, but then again, people are completely fucking stupid and do not listen.

As I have said in earliler articles: the biggest revelation from this COVID hoax has been the blind adherence to every single government mandate, by the general populace. If and when the government told them they could avoid covid by shuffling sideways, they’d comply. The NPC meme has been proven to be most accurate.

With that being said, I don’t feel sorry for any of you fucks.

Imagine believing that governments have the interests of the people and don’t have the ability to outlaw anything they deem as a threat to their powers, after the same retards they rule over, supplicate and beg for mercy after granting these fucks that make up the government, power over them, by playing this game of make-believe. Have we not witnessed such actions on a daily basis for the last few thousands of years?

That’s what all this is. Make-believe and the covid hoax and mask mandates — a test of compliance to see if the people will accept Communism.

Yes, they will. The mask-wearing signifies their compliance, even if one disagrees, which is enough and visibly marks their likelihood to resist and be eliminated by those who play the make-believe nonsense.

As far as Trudeau goes, he’s just fulfilling everything his boss Klaus Schwab demands of him. He and the cunt, Chrystia Freeland, are just students of Klaus Schwab’s school for Communists.

As Klaus Schwab himself explained, half of Trudeau’s cabinet are from the Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum.

Surprised? I’m not. At this juncture, neither should you be. You should have at least a little faith in me and my judgements, that I won’t mislead you. If you have your doubts (I hope you would), fact check me. Do the research yourselves.

Still, I’ve done most of the legwork for you. So, there.

You’re welcome.

Do you understand what’s going on in Canada, now? Do you now understand what I’ve been trying to tell you? All of it is a psyop, false flag honeypot.

Everything is going according to plan.

Many of you have been shamed into thinking that wanting to overthrow a government is egregious and immoral.

It is similar to morons telling you that you should always respect your parents. Even if they molest and abuse me? Fuck no!

What needs to be done isn’t being done and won’t be done, because Feminine values dominate the entire planet.

Say what you want, but this understanding will never fail to be proven accurate time and time again.