They’re always hiding behind a woman. You know how this will end, right? I already explained it several times. I have no problem explaining it again, but… please don’t make me do it?

8. Send Justin Trudeau on a shame-walk, naked through every major city, followed by a trucker ringing a bell and proclaiming, “Shame! Shame!”

This all sounds reasonable. The beseeching continues. “Allow, allow, allow”. Faggots will never learn! They won’t do shit when not a single one of their demands are met.

While they do have fair points, Canada glowies are creaming themselves and readying false flags relating to this open display of Femininity.

And the government will say, “leave now, or we will kill you and your children.”

Peaceful protests do not work. They’ve never worked and you’ve been pysoped by Jews into thinking they do. Read Solzhenitsyn. The more tyrannical the government, the more people will look the other way.

Oh. There have been rumors that children have been taken. Apparently, parents have had their kids taken away from them for refusing the vax and for not calling them by the “right pro-nouns”. If this is true… I mean, are maple faggots so cucked that they let those faggot bureaucrats take their children?

News Flash!

They should start peacefully burning down cities like BLM did. That’s all I’ve been saying from the start. Violence is the only answer that NOBODY wants to hear.

Don’t worry Leafs. You’re already there. The WEF owns you and you’ve been labeled terrorists. The truckers have already said for weeks that they will surrender, peacefully, when cops arrest them.

When they start seizing regular Canadians’ bank accounts for being white and living in rural towns, shit won’t kick off even then. Mark my words!

This Canadian Taliban is forefronted by a cunt hole. What do you think is going to happen?