I’m so not interested in billionaire manlets, but, since Jews are mad and went after him, I have to discuss it.

Yeah. He did that!

These rat fucks think they hold a corner on oppression in the “oppression circus” and no one… you know the thing. Don’t say the H-word. That’s THEIR word!

Fuck these pieces of shit!

Remember this?

Not a peep out of that rat fuck, Greenblatt.

Sometimes I can’t believe the world we live in. Part of me doesn’t even accept it. You know Trudeau wants to put the truckers in camps. I mean “Community Care Wards”.

Justin called the entirety of the Conservative party, Nazis, in parliament and not a fucking tumble weed from the media.

Musk knew exactly how they would react and did this on purpose to make a point, I believe.

I can think of 6 million reasons Trudeau is worse than Hitler, but the idea that a group of people have so much power that they can tell the world’s richest man to do something and he will immediately does it, is a dangerous conspiracy theory that’s more worth the braincells.

This is insane. The world’s richest man must bow. If he isn’t free, then what are we?

At least Musk is aware of The Streisand Effect. He’s not bowing. He’s more like, compromising, because if he doesn’t, the Jews will be up his ass about any little thing and poison his reputation going forward.

This is the real reason they’re saying math is racist and that 2+2=5 now. The holocaust is so unbelievably fake, that they have to legislate that people believe it, otherwise we just wouldn’t.