Critical Race Theory is anti-white propaganda that teaches that there is legitimacy is hating whites.

It teaches that whites are inherently evil and preoccupied with hating and bringing harm to non-whites. This is what your government officials have agreed to push and teach your children in schools. Lies! To keep us all divided and afraid of each other, thereby manufacturing consent out of a farce for need of them.

You have consented to this by allowing government to give you things that you want and can do for yourselves.

Take your kids out of schools and homeschool them. Get other parents within your immediate circles to do the same and get the women to facilitate in providing a source of education for the children.

I know that this is easier said than done, because the Jews do not want whites doing exactly what Jews do. When whites do what Jews do, they refer to it as a cult and demonize their efforts in the media. Ruby Ridge and the Waco, Texas Branch Davidians anyone? It was the ADL who was behind all of that!

Again! This entails getting women out of public life, where they do not belong. This means men standing up and punching the shit out of the cunts in their lives, if and when they refuse to listen.