Leafs are getting softened up for a Brown Communist invasion.

Meet the next Prime Minister of Canada, Jagmeet Singh.

I’m making this prediction now. He will be the next Prime Minister. He may even be heralded as a liberator of Leafs — the one to do away with the vax hoax and mandates, based on promises to do so.

It never was about mandates.

Jameet just explained it on CBC goy news — that the protesters were “extreme right-wing groups trying to overthrow the government.”

He didn’t offer any insight into this claim, let alone any evidence (which would be manufactured anyway so what does it matter).

It’s a dog whistle to all shitskins in Canada, that says, whites are weak and he wouldn’t be wrong.

They are saying it in parliament on record, too. Solidifying it into the mainstream record. “Ultra Right Wing white extremists” and other made up bullshit.

The thing that is amazing here is, they aren’t even trying to defend this claim at all. They use 2-3 examples of Nazi flags, out of the thousands that were displayed — that were in all likelihood, brought by provocateurs — as the only basis for this “extreme right-wing” bullshit.

They are trying to conflate this to make it on par with the Jan 6th Nothing Burger, honeypot psyop.

They are so brazened that they are not even bothering to produce even the thinnest of evidence to support their claim. Just another tactic in the arsenal of the female mind. (I will introduce you guys to the Substantiation Principle that I have developed).

All of these Klaus Schwab groups all have to be of one mind and all follow the leader and this one has some special qualifications.

He was literally denied entry into India, because of his support for a terror group that seeks to overthrow the Indian government’s control of Sikh territory.

Take a trip down the Communist rabbit hole, will you?

I’m just kidding. At this point you have no other no other choice, but to.

Communism Wins! FATALITY.