It turns out that the only Nazi flags at the trucker protest were put up by the RCMP, acting as agent provacateurs to de-legitimize the protest.

The media was informed in advance and were over-joyed to help sell the lie, as usual and as expected.

This is why the faggot, Trudy was so loud about the Nazi flag. It was his only leg to stand on. Inside job 100%! Just as I suspected it would be.

Just an FYI: NATO TRAINED RCMP and now UN planes are landing!

When are you retarded leafs protesting the Chateau?

Probably never. Leafs are gay. So, too, are we Americans. January 6th was a false flag, honeypot psyop that many were duped into and still we dindu nuffinz about it.

A protest isn’t legitimate if one person with a flag can de-legitimize it. Especially, given the fact that the protest was supposed to be about freedom and the person in question was exercising their free speech, peacefully.

If the person had been setting fires while waiving the flag, many may have a point, but as that is not the case, I’m just going to assume those criticizing him are a bunch of faggot retards. I’m just kidding, he was definitely planted by Trudy and his camera guy, to follow him around and capture footage.

This is the oldest trick in the book and retards still eat it all up, because they want to follow women and their stupidity.

Send glowies with swastika flags to any demonstration and boom, you are now free to call them all Nazis.

You know it. I know it. The media knows this and the elites ()ews) ruling over human society knows this.

Propaganda is an interesting tool and mechanism. Once you start using it to justify a total power grab, shit gets fucked, really quickly, as we all have seen.

This kind of shit has been going on in Canada for some time now, though.

Back in 1970, when the FLQ was going strong, the RCMP hired some goon to plant bombs and pretend they were the FLQ’s. He got arrested, confessed to the whole thing, never got charged, got released and said it’s not even the worse thing he did for the RCMP.

Here’s an angle to consider: Are canadians actually so retarded that they can’t understand that this flag was sarcastic and an attempt to slander Trudeau as a Nazi?

Wink, wink!