So far, my weekend has been full of emails and text messages, from men, telling me I was right about the gay, lame, Trucker Convoy psyop. My response to them has been this: “Of course I am right! Women are involved. What did you expect?”

The most common response has been, “Yeah, yeah. You do make some really good points”, followed up with some gay, male-feminist excuse as to why women are the way they are and “you shouldn’t be so hard on them” and so on. Constantly missing the mark and proving my points, nonetheless.

Oh! How could I forget! Then there are the guys making comments on videos and posts that I made comments on, weeks ago, expressing the same sentiments I did. All of these faggots were quick to thumb down my comments and lash out with the queerest of responses, but now, they’re singing a different tune — making comments they wouldn’t dare make a few months ago, as I did. All of sudden, they have the gumption to say the shit I’ve been saying.

Larping hypocrites, all of you.

Obviously, I put the batteries in their backs — gave your balls back to yous after you had it stored in your mommy’s dresser for so long. I’m just happy that you guys have come out and admit that women are a disaster and everything they get involved in, turns to shit. Truly. I really mean it.

Now, let’s look at the dumb cunt Tamara Lich, “leader” of the Trucker revolution.


I can do a full analysis on this stupid cunt, but I don’t need to, because everything I described in past articles about women, is right here in this one video. So, I won’t get too deep and psychologize that much. Just go read my other articles on women, especially the recent ones about the Trucker Convoy. As a small reminder: WOMEN ARE FUCKING STUPID!

In other articles I said:

“Voting won’t save you, neither will protests. What will save you is action and protests and rallies are in a different zip code to action. They are FEMININE! Action is Masculine!” “Australian men: women are only going to make things worse. Tell them to keep their dumb asses home. If they insist, punch them in the face until they’re unconscious. If they want to help, tell them to bring pizza and bake cookies or stay the fuck home and take care of the kids. If anything happens to you, she can tell the kids, daddy died fighting to secure freedom and a future for them.”

They called me hateful and a misogynist. Uh. No. I just understand how toxic and stupid women are and how stupidly men react when women are in proximity.

I also said:

Feminine behavior of this sort, only serves to build the bystander effect even more, because it is only masculinity that is about ACTION. Femininity is about nagging and being totally fucking CRINGE!!! It is all recreational outrage for dopamine rushes. But people still listen to and follow women.

Protests, being the feminine constructs that they are, are essentially begging and beseeching one’s abuser to stop abusing. This, of course, is in addition to the fact that protests are recreational outrage outlets for women to show their asses and put themselves on display. The “Girls Gone Wild” behavior is never too far behind, where women get worked up into a [sexual] frenzy and howl and hoot “Wooo!” and “Woohoo!” like they’re at a music concert, or nightclub. The men react to this, because they are mentally conditioned to know that women start dancing and showing their breasts, soon after.

To put it succinctly, the Trucker Convoy is the new Woodstock.

This is no different to the stupid dancing nurses in hospitals at the beginning of the scamdemic. Involving women will result in nothing being done, but more tyranny.

The truth is, everyone that’s invested in this Trucker Convoy, is not seeking change, but seeking a dopamine rush via a global party, just to feel warm, cutesy and cozy inside. A global Woodstock festival where cringe, retarded sheep can self-aggrandize and pat each other on the backs in the name of “fighting for freedom”.

Yes, “fighting for freedom”, yet not fighting at all.

All of it is totally fucking gay, contrived and pretentious.

Yes, White culture is Gynocentrism (female worship), which essentially embodies feigning moral superiority by being extra dainty and prissy, like a woman. It is all forced and contrived pretentiousness.

For example, while driving, when at a stop sign, whites will put on a production — they will stop extra long, and move extra slowly, because somehow in their minds, they believe doing so makes them morally superior. “I am so “good” and such a model citizen.” Whenever you get the chance, pay attention.

It is the same dumb shit they do when a cop is arresting them; they’ll say, “Thank you for your service, officer”, because saying this to the cop, despite being aggressed, will make them so PATRIOTIC! It makes them feel good inside.

The same shit is expressed in the, “hold the line!” COPAGANDA bullshit. Now, they’re using it for the dumb ass Truckers. The more die hard for the cause you appear to be, the closer you are to being the most patriotic patriot and “holier than thou”.

Now I’m not bashing white culture, but I am certainly being critical and it is important that we are. We ought to be if we are ever to see this through and make the necessary changes. It is the only way to learn of and from our mistakes and acknowledge the flaws within. We cannot be solipsistic, like women. Being like women and following their retarded values — “focus only on the good things” — only serves to perpetuate the very thing that is destroying our culture — Feminine values and gynocentrism. We must allow room for introspection and self reflection. If we do not — if we continue to adhere to female values — we will continue to be trodden underfoot.

You men reading, know very well that you’ve come across the stupid, inane feminine bullshit saying, “No fighting!” The ones who adhered to that nonsense, never emerged from the male dominance hierarchy. They got bullied everyday; got beat up and punished by the teachers when they got into fights. If one of them was lucky and fought back, the bullying would stop.

This “No fighting” nonsense is what is promulgated in the “peaceful noncompliance”, “peaceful protest” — feminine cuntness and stupidity. In my recent article, I mentioned that women see the government as “the perfect man”. I’ll add to that by saying that the government is a sugar daddy for women. In the case of the Trucker Convoy, the government is like a relationship between a prostitute and her pimp.

When the pimp is laying his pimp hand down, you do not get involved! You do not play Captain Save a Hoe. This relationship is no different to a husband and wife; the wife being a pampered whore, who nags and complains incessantly, to get things her way and the husband, if he is a weak, head-nodding simp, has to acquiesce in order to shut her the fuck up. If he is masculine, he will slap the piss out of the bitch and make her shut the fuck up.

This is what I call the “Nagging Housewife Syndrome”. On a larger scale, as it pertains to women and the government (the women are the wives and the government the husband), women will picket, stage protests and displays of civil unrest in order to get the manginas in government to do what they want. This is essentially what “protests” and “activism” are and amount to — women nagging and complaining like housewives — and of late, with regards to the gay Trucker Convoy, the government has slapped that mouthy cunt back into her place. (Please watch the above video featuring the crying cunt, again).

To that blonde twat, Tamara Lich; look here, bitch. Let me be clear about this: I don’t give a fuck about Trudy’s kids! Is that clear?! Got it?! Mmkay.

This fucking cunt is feeling sorry for her oppressors. Glorifying and deifying the people who are against us. She said that shit, hoping that it’ll result in a lighter sentence. What a fucking dumb bitch. “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

I told you guys that this is the leading sentiment with protests and whenever women are involved.

Here is something else no one mentions, nor cares to acknowledge, but I will be discussing it from here on out: White Cops and Their Supporters are Responsible for White [Male] Hatred. Looking further into this phenomenon is a great example of how we need to self reflect and be critical of our culture.

Cops are not our friends. They are literally our enemies and are the tools used to oppress us. Therein, lies a very self-defeating mechanism embedded within our culture, where we nurture and valorize the very same moronic, stupidity used to terrorize us at any given moment. That’s all I’ll say on that, for now.

How and why would anyone assign “joy and happiness” to any of this?!?! Whichever angle you look at it from, or whatever your vantage point, how would anyone get there?!?!? Only a woman would, because she’s utterly fucking retarded and cannot process information. It’s shame! Shame that all of this female “be nice” bullshit, culminated into one thing — her being arrested. She’s solipsistic and cannot accept that she’s not the answer to any problems, but primarily the cause of many problems!

Again, all women believe that they are the answers and the cures to all the world’s problems. This delusion — being the answer to all the world’s problems — they believe, is woven into the very fabric of their existences.

In these situations, all women do, is act out with impunity by courting danger, thinking that the men around are going to save them. When and if the men do get involved, they become cunt-fodder.

Stop listening to women! Stop paying attention to women! Stop following women!