Mayor, Mayor on the wall. Beetlejuiciest of them all.

This thing, Lori Lightfoot, says, that it’s scary to think that a person would come to her house with a loaded weapon.

No, bitch! What’s scarier is a government functionary, such as yourself, having a horde of dumb fucks with guns, pointed at me and everyone else who don’t do what you say.

I’m surprised only one person went to the contest house.

The nerve of these fucks. They send roving bands of psychos, who believe the dictum of these other psychos, in government, to the houses of innocent people. Regardless of race! For victimless crimes!

Like I said before, it only those in government who get to use violence. Everyone else — you and I — must “peacefully protest”.

They’re coming after guns and they will create all manner of false flags to take them away from us.

They have to go!