I told you guys this was going to happen and explained why. I have no qualms about explaining why, again, and you know that, because what I’m explaining is a fact of reality and needs to be repeated. However, before I get into that, again, let’s get an update, shall we?

Listen to the maginas yelling!!!! “Shame on you! Look at what you did to HER!” Were it a man who got trampled, do you think they’ll be outraged like that?

Clutch your pearls!!! Pull out your fainting couches!!! They pepper sprayed a line of women. HOW DARE THEY!!! This is the fucking gynocentric bullshit that will lead to disaster, ALWAYS! This is war bitches! This is what men have been dealing with and worse, for thousands of years!!! I guess, now it’s your turn. Suck it up and be the man you are always aspiring to be. You didn’t want to stay your ass in the kitchen, baking pastries and delicacies for your husband and kids. Then, deal with it bitch!

The Ottawa police are bragging about it all.

Then, it was all over.

Womp womp womp.

Oh wait! It can’t be over just yet. What about the )ews?

Yes, )ews are also involved

Understand now?


Do you seriously think that a bunch of aimless, unarmed cunt boomers are going to affect change in society by wandering in their country’s capital like some bumbling, camera-waving Japanese tourists at a museum? No! All they can do is get themselves arrested and ruin whatever little consensus their delusions had.

If they were truly interested in a proper coup, the only way to get one done is by doing it properly.

Have a leadership, for fuck sake. Women aren’t leaders and will never be.

Have a militia. Preferably one that does not involve women.

Take over the news outlets.

Sabotage public services.

Blitzkrieg government buildings.

Execute the tyrants.

Incarcerate their Communist “intellectuals” and most of all, be ready for lots of violence and blood.

Not that I’m suggesting anything here, I’m just saying.

The best and most intelligent thing to have done, if this was truly about Truckers getting vaxed, would have been for these retards to just stay at home and not go to work.

You know what, lemme stop promoting hate and promote love instead.

A big personality flaw with a lot of these boomers/Gen X boomers, is that they think they can half-ass important shit, as if pulling off a revolution can be accomplished with the same level of unpreparedness they take with them to install hardwood floors.

With a little elbow grease, they think, they should pull through anything. It’s a classic dimwit, Dunning-Kruger mindset.

Most of them just did this for the facebook likes, like women, desperate for attention and praise.

Overthrowing a tyrannical government not being a fashion statement did not occur to many of them and that’s obvious by how surprised they were when the government arrested them and threw them in the paddy-wagon. To be fair, they weren’t trying to overthrow the government. Nonetheless, their astonishment is priceless

Perspective: The Prime Minister of Canada called ALL the protesters and their supporters Nazis, racists, homophobes and a bunch of other buzzwords. The response of the “Conservative” Party?

“Acktually, over 50% of our party is made of Jewish people, so that is very offensive, apologize now!”

I’d wager that a majority of the country will take Trudeau’s words as factually true and not bother thinking about it a second longer.

Get ready for phase 3 of the psyop — Media to reinstate faith in “peaceful protests” as a viable option to affect social political change.


They’ve already started referring to the Trucker Convoy as a success.