The blue helmets have learned and they no longer paint their planes blue anymore.

Two Bombardier CRJ-200s with UN markings have been spotted in North Bay, Canada. I’ve found one of them through tracking and flight rosters, a random front page video on youtube and I’m surprised nobody’s mentioning this.

Type: Bombardier CRJ-200 built Montreal, Canada. Tail Number: C-FXLH. Location: North Bay/Jack Garland Airport – CYYB

Last Leg From: CYYR Goose Bay (implies trip from across Atlantic)

Creeping in the dark.

I predicted something like this was going to happen, too. Remember, Trudeau vowed to make Canada the head of the New UN.

I happened to see, in some off-brand news on youtube, that some UN planes have been spotted in Canuckistan. Probably the shit-brownish-green gestapo everyone has been seeing, fronting the police lines; the ones with no markings and their faces covered. I guess their helmets aren’t blue anymore. Could be Quebec cops.

Here’s the flight path of the jet.

I’m not sure what it was doing in the northeast, but it was flying a couple of odd patterns before completing the leg to North Bay.

Here’s the Planespotters UN Airframe Roster.

When I found the second one, I just about felt retarded when it said, “Lande0d 3 Years Ago”. Then, I looked up C-FXLH again and FA reported it as having “Landed 3 Weeks Ago”. Most of the CRJ-200 rosters pops up in the desert or African shitholes such as, Uganda and I spotted one lurking in Saudi Arabia.

Type: Bombardier CRJ-200
Tail Number: C-FMCY
Location: North Bay – CYYB
Last Leg From: Goose Bay – CYYR (no weird patterns, direct flight)

This plane has, according to FlightAware, been there for 3 years.

More bullshit is afoot.