Say what you will, but this is a very, very big deal. Were you to go back to my predictions for 2022, you will understand why.

You might as well kill yourself; you’re already dead.

Some of you may think this is Canada’s version of the Patriot Act, but it is a lot worse. This is essentially Marital Law — the government openly telegraphing that it is going to do to you what it has been doing to you, all along and no one can, nor is going to do anything about it!

The Emergency Act is a law that was created for scenarios like WW2. (I will touch on the USA, Russia, Ukraine drama in a separate article. I think you all know what I’m going to say).

Leafs basically possess no right to rebel, or else the tyrants in the Canadian government can vaporize them financially and arrest them, based on some imaginary, made up shit that morons believe in.

Based on the delusional, made up shit that these tyrannical people who run the government have duped Canadians into thinking matters, it also means that the government functionaries can completely obliterate “noncompliant”, dissident Canadians, if they don’t like what they are doing, or saying and nobody can do anything about it. It’s one step above outrightly shooting those who are anti-government.

The Patriot Act was a lot of backdoor shit made to appear to be something sinister and new, even though the US government has been doing this kind of shit for decades. This Emergency Act is straight up the peehole, with a banana republic. Similar to when Abraham Lincoln tried to take over the US and suspended Habeas Corpus. Yes, that’s what he did and don’t let anybody tell you any different. These people are fucking power hungry psychos.

Trudeau is literally a dictator, now, in the truest sense of the term.

To be even more objective and rational about all of this, Justine Castreau merely wrote down on a piece of paper that he can officially and openly do what he has been doing throughout the last week and longer. Now, he will use this and the Trucker Convoy psyop as an excuse to push harder on the WEF Communist Global Reset agenda, which he has been pushing for for the last few years.

Remember, all of this is make believe and all the people acting shocked are the idiots who actually believe laws and constitutions mean something.

They don’t.

Politicians can do whatever the fuck they want, especially when you give them consent in exchange for “gibz”, because you’re too fucking stupid, incompetent and lazy to do shit for yourself. Like women.

Basically, the retard is just accelerating the shitshow. When Communism inevitably succeeds (because people are demoralized, feminized and anesthetized) he will be replaced. It’s Canada. China took over a long time ago.

You are no longer a citizen of a country, or a subject of the crown. You are now an NWO “worthless eater” (pre-depopulation).

My only fear is that this faggot is going to keep pushing until some femtarded populist, reacts with violence.

Then he’ll use that violence to extend “emergency measures” even further and continue to push until there’s actual gulags in that country.

This will only get worse if the Canuckistanis continue to believe in the make believe nonsense and not take rope with them. Start with the cops!

The one who trampled the lot of you is still alive and watching replays and slapping his knee with laughter, with his friends.

Unless, going out with a whimper was part of the plan all along. Yeah, of course it was.

You tried Leafs. There’s nothing you can do now. Well, there is one thing, but you won’t do it.

Neither will Americans!