Prime Faggot Fidel Trudeau announced Monday, that although the blockades have been broken and most of the protesters have dispersed, he’s going to go ahead and leave Martial Law in place indefinitely.

As I’ve explained in a previous article, this simply means that it’s business as usual, but just in the open.

If I were to guess, I would guess that the plan is to never repeal the act, and then just come out and say “these armies of militarized police are being removed from the streets,” without mentioning that the Martial Law measures remain in force.

He is going to have to use the Martial Law measures to hunt down the protesters, he has to use those measures to freeze bank accounts and track and trace everyone who opposed him. So, it’s needed long after the last truck is towed and the last protester is run over with a horse.

At that point, why not just leave it in place indefinitely?

Politicians always view “restrictions” on their power as the ultimate nuisance, so any excuse to “remove” those restrictions (there aren’t any restrictions) will always be used.

This is the dumb shit people believe in, anyway, so it’s all a hand puppet show.