Canada’s dumb, “freedom convoy”, cunt leader and organizer, Tamara Lich, was denied bail by an Ottawa judge this morning.

Lich faces faces up to 10 years in prison. Yes, throw that stupid cunt in prison for being stupid.

She’s just as dumb as the other dumb cunts who take their toddlers to protests. They should be hauled off, as well.

The other morons who show up to these events with their cell phones – a literal tracking device and location beacon — should all end up in prison, too, for being so fucking stupid.

Can you imagine taking a cellphone to these things? You’re looking to get singled out, caught and put away. If that’s your intention, then all the power to you; you’re a retard.

Cellphones, today, are red dots on your foreheads and backs. People who take their phones to these things are literally putting a target on themselves and will get caught.

This is how it was easy for the FBI and CIA to round up, virtually everyone who attended the January 6th thing.

They can give you precise details, too. Where you were, at what time and who you were with and what you were wearing and doing. All your pictures and videos in your phones; they have access to that, too.

If you don’t believe me, start following the Suzanne Morphew disappearance and learn how the Feds figured that it was her husband who disappeared her, for being a sleazy, whoring cunt that wanted to divorce rape him.

I’ve been following this guy. Don’t listen to any women and manginas.

Smart devices can notify big tech companies and the FBI when your car door is open and what time it was last opened; how long was it open. They can tell the authorities how fast your were driving, if you made a sudden stop and so on, all from your cell phone.

These things are literally spy devices and these jackasses and cunts insist on making their whereabouts known to the authorities every single time. It is constantly pinging and signaling to nearby towers saying, “Hey! I’m here! Yoohoo!”

I can imagine that this dumb trashcan doesn’t care about his kind of stuff, because she was trying to get attention and be a martyr for the cause. So…

Good riddance.