So, apparently, the make believe “law” that was “implemented”, is no longer “implemented”.

It’s all make believe, mind control, nonsense. It doesn’t matter if they say, “it’s over”. The mind control has already been successful. He can just say it’s reenacted on a whim, again and every believing idiot will fall for it all over again.

Canadians just proved that they really are just big pussies and retards, to the whole world, again, just like we here in Cuckmerica and everyone else, everywhere, around the world, who believe in this make believe nonsense, is.

We all believe in the same made up nonsense these people come up with.

A few days ago, this was said.

If you can declare Martial Law every time there is a “peaceful protest” against the government, then the “Emergencies Act” has never actually ended.

Again it is all dictum — made up bullshit — that they have convinced us all into believing actually matters.

That fucking whore up there, needs to be taken down. She’s totally on a power trip, like any woman would be, once they’re in a position of power.

Canadians, please pay attention. You still have to hang him. You still have to put Singh in a woodchipper. You still need to gas the majority of parliament. They’re just bargaining now in hopes they can regain the upper hand, sooner than later. Hang Trudy, or you lose. Hang Singh, or you lose. There is no negotiating that. You’d probably want to rope Freeland with them.

What has happened since, is that a lot of people took their monies out of the banks.

The bankers obviously aren’t liking this, so… it’s gotta go, Trudeau.

It wasn’t just citizens pulling money from banks. Once global investors saw how easy it was for the Canadian jackasses in government to take people’s money, I’m sure they removed investments. When you “vote” for these assholes, you actually showing support for their donors.

Not even I foresaw this reaction, but, you can’t put that rabbit back in the hat, even with an abrupt turn around in “policy”. Those investors don’t fall for the mind games. They create it. Investors won’t want to invest in a place where bank accounts can be frozen.

Trudy overboiled the frog, but these fucks are still in power and will continue to do what they’ve always done. They will continue their spying, infringing on your rights and privacy, freezing assets and releasing the retarded cops on your ass and so on. These things will remain in place and will never go away. They permanently increase the governments power level.

Do not think for a moment that any of this has anything to do with the massive international and domestic political “backlash” and “criticisms” that occurred when he went full cavalry curb stomp on his own people. No, all that is part of the sensationalism. The psychotic assholes in any government around the world is on board with that. They just try to sell it to their citizens that they have their best interests at heart and won’t ever do that to them. They’ll do the same thing in a heartbeat when and if their illegitimacy is challenged.

They pushed the boundaries, set precedents, and moved the Overton Window. Now they will draw it back and let things settle. You can’t boil the frog too fast.