Welcome to the 21st century. A world that is torn apart by blood thirsty, tyrannical psychopaths and power hungry lunatics.

Everywhere you turn, given the above provided descriptors, you will find that the spectrum comprises primarily of )ews.

Both Russia and Ukraine’s presidents have )ewish blood (Putin is half-)ewish, while Zelinsky is fully )ewish).

Russia has the biggest and most powerful )ewish oligarchic lobby in the world. Putin has a personal rabbi entourage that tells him what to do — the Jewish sect Chabad Lubavitch, which is the biggest and most influential religious organization in the world along with the (((Vatican))).

All of Ukraine’s “far-right” militia and divisions are funded by Īsraeli oligarchic money.

Let that sink in

If that isn’t enough, Ukraine is comprised of millions of )ews who would love to remain being seen as a “minority”. Simply put, Ukraine is literally Israel 2.0.

Do not think for a minute that this escalating “conflict” is by happenstance, or is without an agenda. Especially, do not believe a word the )ewish lamestream media says about it.

Eastern Europe is just as )ew’d as the western world is and all of this nonsense is just another Psyop and precursor to the WEF Great Reset Communist agenda.

Why are )ews in the middle of this? That’s easy. They court danger and drama, like women do, in order to remain the perpetual victim. Naturally, they fund their own demise and decimation. How great a tool would antisemitism be in all of this.

It is a Psyop. Another one. Just like the covid hoax. One to collapse Western economies and usher in PerestroikaThe Great Reset.

Everything I’ve said here is true and everyone will ignore it. This entire thing is fake and gay.

Perhaps many of you are too young to recall that this is not the first, nor second, nor third time this has happened. Ukraine has been under Russian aggression over and over and over again.


Nothing ever does. It is all to create global hysteria and tilt the global markets this way and that way and another way.

A lot of people are sperging out and carrying on like this is World War 3 and have started their doomsday countdowns as they always do with any kind of conflict.

Christians have started with their insanity about a Jewish space zombie returning and the )ewish legacy media is kevetching.

Insta-whores are crying about the “war”.

Everyone on the Twatter and Faceberg are experts, casting lots and picking sides. Russian shills like Nick Fuentes have escalated their support for the )ew, Putin.

This dumb, ignorant faggot is rooting for Russia, because he thinks it makes him so edgy and cool to be anti-American while being America First.

As far as America is concerned, the )ews here are merely speculating and financially contributing to the drama that’s going on between Russia and Ukraine. They too, are casting lots and getting ready to short stocks and make a market exit at the right time.

Brandon isn’t going to do shit, though and that’s because all of this is a Psyop, as I’ve mentioned earlier, to cover up the impending global financial crisis that is as a result of the covid hoax.

Joe Brandon finally gave a response following the speech by Vladimir Putin and his invasion of Ukraine.

Exactly as we all knew, Brandon just gave meaningless sanctions. He actually sanctioned multiple banks that were already sanctioned after the Crimea situation.

The whole speech was double… double… you know the thing! A finger-wagging to save face on the fact that both Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, are in bed with the Ukrainian government and their oil/gas and Israeli spy ring thing they got going on there.

The whole narrative in America is so convoluted and nonsensical as it is intended to be.

It is worth pointing this out:

So, Russia is invading Ukraine and both countries are led by )ews , occupied by )ews and has major support for )ews.

The )ews funding both side of this Psyop, want us goyim to believe that Putin is annexing Ukraine in order to stop a )ewish takeover. Many lives are at stake and many lives will be lost, because of this.

Your minds have once again been )ew’d!

The Shoah must go on.

When a major leader, on behalf of the WEF and Israel intervenes, after all the bloodshed and real Holocaust (Gog and Magog) occurs, announces that there needs to be a Great Reset to end all this warfare and casualties, do not say you were not warned. I’m going to tell you, “I told you so” anyway, so don’t worry. I got your backs.

Putin is another Zionist fall guy, just like Hitler was, in order to re-legitimize )ewish global victimhood and parasitic, extortionist enterprises, born out of guilt-tripping and gaslighting.

This is a great distraction from the China-Taiwan conflict.