Tikkun Olam is underway and it is right on time, like I said it would be. Eastern Europe is in dire need of the chosen ones to end the evil, half-)ew, Putin.

Consulting with Israel with such matters simply legitimizes Israel as the world’s Super Power.

This entire fake ordeal is )ewish, throughout and anybody willing to fight any government’s wars, especially a Jewish one, is retarded.

Anyone supporting Putin is an idiot. Anyone supporting Ukraine is an idiot. Useful idiots.

We have enough problems to deal with here, than to be meddling in the affairs of others, thousands of miles away. How does what I eat, make you shit?

We have no commitments to Ukraine, but we do to )ews and there are lots of )ews in Ukraine.

These are our values.

Some are suggesting that Putin may end up like Saddam Husein, but I truly suspect that there will be a play to recognize Israel as the new, sole and absolute Super Power on the planet, because antisemitism must end!

Friendly reminder: Russia is an Israeli proxy-state and pro-Russian propagandists are )ews and if WW3 breaks out, I will be dodging that draft.

I will never give in to )ewish propaganda and neither should you. Just so you know, pro-Ukranian propaganda is )ewish propaganda.

Somehow I feel like I’m not explaining this well enough, so I’ll dig in and be direct.

The )ews spinning this “war with Russia” and “Russia is an existential threat” Psyop are doing so to create the narrative of “antisemitism”. This “antisemitism” is very essential to )ewish power and dominance, for it is how they maintain a victim status, used to extract resources and finances, through institutions and world leaders, via the use of guilt and gaslighting.

The role of Putin is to be the Hitler/Haman figure who is going to gin up intense persecution —antisemitism — of )ews in Ukraine and stir up emotions around the world, to canonize a narrative of hate for )ews for the next century. This Shoah is very, very lucrative and it must continue.

The )ews are very concerned about their Holocaust propaganda losing popularity and footing. This cannot happen!

A European conflict in Ukraine — Israel 2.0 — is a perfect backdrop for the saga.

It is being argued, that all Ukranians want is independence and the right to govern their lives and establish their own sovereignty. After all, this is about Freedom and these are our values. The boogeyman here, is Putin, who doesn’t want that for the poor Ukrainians. He wants to takeover and rule over them.

While I am an avid supporter of freedom and anarchy (anarchoCapitalism, if not, agorist) — absence of government and advocacy of free markets — I know a Psyop when I see one.

When you have the USA and all these other nation’s leaders who have chided and abused their citizens for the past 2 years with the mask mandates and covid hoax, all in the name of emergency ethics — “for the greater good” — then, all of a sudden, they seemingly abandon the hoax narrative in order to mount their moral high horses against Russia in the name of freedom, you know it is a Psyop and more of the “they think we’re stupid” sentiments.

Yes, they do see us as stupid. Stupid goy, who will commit our men and boys to fighting )ewish wars and furthering )ewish causes. In addition, if all of this is going to benefit a )ewish state and grant more )ewish dominance over us, I find it totally unacceptable.

Listen carefully to what the )ews are up to and how they rationalize it.

The Princeton professor, Stephen Kotkin ()ew), breaks it down for us dumb goy.

Russia has an army. Ukraine doesn’t have an army. So, are you going to defend the sovereignty of Ukraine? Are you going to make a statement, publicly, that you are going to defend the sovereignty of Ukraine? Because if you make that statement, you’re going to have to send a quarter of a million boys and girls (???) to Ukraine, for a long period of time, to defend that sovereignty. So, if you’re gonna make aggressive statements of deterrence, or strength against Russia, your means better line up… right… with your policy announcements.

It’s one thing to not recognize Russian incorporation of Crimea… right, Russian annexation of Crimea… not recognize that… we didn’t recognize Society annexation of the Baltic republics, either, as you know. So, our Soviet ambassador of Moscow, couldn’t go to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, because America didn’t recognize their incorporation into the Soviet Union…

You have to decide, whether or not, the lives and sovereignty of )ews in Ukraine is worth the lives of American boys and men.

Another Shoah is underway and they are getting ready to make a Hitler out of Putin with the lives of us dumb goy.

Do not sleep on this!