Here’s how it goes, bucko:

If you attack a sovereign country and you’re NATO, then you’re peacekeeping.

If you invade a sovereign country and you’re not NATO, you’re literally Hitler.

That’s literally all there is to it. You dont need to know anything else about any conflict.

Oh wait, America has killed far more Muslims over the years and kept our shine without being compared to Hitler, because 9/11 (which was an inside job done by Îsrael) satisfied the propaganda machine.

Ah shucks. Seems like there’s a lot more that we goyim don’t know, that we need to know about “conflicts”.

They are all manufactured hoaxes and psyops to gin up public and militaristic support, for )ews.

]sraelis massacre, torment and torture Palestinians on a daily basis, yet, of course they aren’t likened to Hitler.

Isn’t it interesting how this has become a case of, “NO YOU’RE THE NAZI!”? While in reality, both sides are )ews.

Modern warfare is so complicated.

Usually, as a rule of thumb, the way to spot the Good Guy(s) in any conflict is to: Follow the Fake News & Fake News Media and see who they villianize. They are the Good Guy(s).

Yet, this time, this rule doesn’t apply and I don’t think that it ever did.

The situation on the ground is, Globohomo goes to war with Globohomo to vanquish Globohomo, so that Globohomo can thrive.

Sounds pretty unlikely, right? You might even say it’s preposterous. What do you think WW2 was about and just about every single war and conflict, thereafter?

(((Fellow Traveler))) Putin is taking Russia into a war, so that it will be used as boogeymen for his (((fellow travelers))) in the EU and US, to justify:

1. The formation of the Eurasian army.
2. To increase Israeli involvement in the region (US, too).
3. Cover for the vaccine deaths and economic shit show they caused with convid.

All of this falls under the banner of Perestroika — The Great ResetThe Fourth Industrial Revolution — EurasianismThe Rise of MultiPolar World.

Keep an eye on China and Taiwan. This conflict will be a fulfillment of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which is part of the 4th Political Theory.

Things are going according to plan and the Russia, Ukraine conflict is just one phase.

Putin vowng to cleanse Ukraine of Nazis is true. He is a Duginite, multiculturalist who has killed many and any white advocacy groups and their members. Putin is a Jew, after all.

The irony lies in the fact that he, Putin, is destined to be the Hitler figure of the 21st century. So, how then can it be that he is anti-Nazi?

How is it that the Azov battalion can be a neo-Nazi, pro-white group “fighting to defend their sovereignty” (a country run and led by )ews) from a Russian )ew who is controlled and funded by )ews?

The truth is, all of it is a convoluted cluster-mind-fuck and it is intended to be. Then there’s this…

This would be shocking to those who aren’t familiar with Israel’s history. This, as you know, didn’t shock me one bit. As a matter of fact, I TOLD YOU SO.

Israel just wants dead gentiles. While this may true, this leads to the misguided perspective of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, being a ‘brother war”. It all depends on what is meant by that. Does it mean )ews fighting each other? Or, is it, White gentiles killing each other on behalf of )ews?

It is neither. It is )ews pretending to be white nationalists and neo-Nazis, in order to implicate whites and drum up “antisemitism” sentiments and usher in the The Great Reset.

Truth is the first causality in any war and the truth is, many people out there are thinking that they need to pick a side, yet they cannot see the absurdity in all of this.

“We need to support Ukraine. We need to support NATO.” Morons.

All governments are evil. All governments are anti-freedom.

Here’s how the Psyop thought goes, guys:

That )ew, who is the president of Ukraine, okay?

I can assure you that this isn’t performative.

I can assure you that the “conflict” in Ukraine is certainly performative.

If you’re looking for a side to support, you should support Freedom from all and any governments!!

Do not support neo-Nazi, WigNat, White Nationalist retards. They all want to instill and superimpose their own ideas of government and are anti freedom.

If you find yourself not being able to opt out of whatever nonsense they are about, then you know right away, that they are not about FREEDOM. If you can’t go do your own thing and be left alone, then you know that they are no different.

By their fruits you shall know them.