The demonization of Russia and Putin has fever-pitched.

FIFA bans the Russian flag and anthem in matches, then orders the Russian team to play home internationals at neutral venues.

Poland says, FIFA’s plan is “totally unacceptable,” then reconfirms it won’t play against Russia.

Andriy Zagorodnyuk, former Ukrainian defense minister, says, Belarus is about to declare war on Ukraine:

“There is information about airborne troopers from Belarus loaded on the planes to enter Ukraine.”

British Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss (cunt), said she would “unconditionally support” individual Brits who decide to go to war with Russian troops in Ukraine.

It’s easy for this dumb whore to say that, because her weak, stupid, incompetent ass will be safe from all the gunfire and threats of death that is common in war.

Stupid larping cunt.

Russians are apparently in search for cash at ATM machines as the west imposes severe sanctions on the banks. This one is a bit strange to me, because the west has always done this.

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, calls Putin’s opponents in Ukraine “evil forces,” and believes “we must not allow dark and hostile external forces to laugh at us.”

Oy vey!

Then we have this dipshit.

US and her allies are allegedly going to “launch a multilateral Transatlantic task force to identify, hunt down, and freeze the assets of sanctioned Russian companies and oligarchs – their yachts, their mansions, and any other ill-gotten gains,” says the White House.

Those oligarchs are )ews.

Oy gevalt!

Elon Musk: “Starlink service is now active in Ukraine. More terminals en route.” This is to alleviate the internet blackout that’s going on in Ukraine. There’s a huge payoff if Ukraine “wins”, I bet.

Maybe, he wants to give them access to the www so they can share their side of the story, because right now, we only know what the mainstream media has put out there. I highly doubt this is the case, by the way.

US, EU, UK, and Canada are about to eject selected Russian banks from SWIFT and to restrict Russia’s central bank. It’s a joint effort.

The EU has closed its airspace to all Russian airlines.

Airlines of EU nations over Russian airspace are being called back, fearing an immediate Russian response.

Dang, they’re Hitlering Russia and Putin; treating them like a “new variant”.

Russian oligarch, Roman Abramovich ()ew)gives up stewardship of the Chelsea football team. Abramovich “hands club to charitable foundation” after fears it could go bust if he was hit with sanctions.

Oy! What is he going to do?!

Zelensky is playing up the 6 gajillion figure and asks the UN to recognize Putin’s actions as genocide and to strip Russia’s right to vote in the Security Council.

All this performance, right after Ukraine rejected negotiations. The military campaign will now resume in “full force,”. This is what the Kremlin proclaims.

Zelensky’s aide, Alexéi Arestóvich confirmed in a commentary to Strana, that Ukraine refused to negotiate with Russia, since the demands of the Russian Federation are, “too brazen” and are an attempt to force capitulation.

People and their short memories and limited attention spans.

Folks, please stay with me. I will not mislead you. I promise. It is my solemn vow. You are tuned into the number one brand in honesty and no matter if you disagree, nor like what is said here, it is the truth. You simply need to leave the emotions at the door.

Here goes.

Again, all governments are evil! Government is the antithesis of freedom and the definition of force, coercion and oppression.

All wars are fought by stupid, egomaniacal, power hungry, tyrannical peoples.

For the past two years, what have we all succumbed to? What did we just suffer through, guys? Two whole years of what could arguably be the greatest Psyop and hoax of our lifetime. Our governments forcing us against our will, to engage in the most shameful of rituals; gaslighting us into believing a giant hoax then punishing us with the threat of violence, shame and ostracism. Destroyed our families, our reputations, our livelihoods and lifestyles; turning son against father and father against son, friend against friend, neighbor against neighbor. While you slept, this occurred:

A national vaccine pass, the SMART Health Card, has quietly rolled out in the US – and Red States are getting on board. These are the same people who want to lecture others about Freedom!

The Biden administration presented China with intelligence on Russia’s troop buildup, in hopes Xi would step in.

Chinese officials rebuffed the U.S. and apparently shared the information with Moscow.

I shit you not.

It is all a game of make believe with these psychopaths superimposing their subjective moral will on all of us. This is NOT our fight and does not concern any of us.

Even if NYC gets nuked tomorrow, by Putin (don’t think for a minute these sick fucks won’t seize the opportunity to make a point), we must never forget what all of this is about.