The other day I wrote this:


Nothing ever does.

This is incorrect. After observing and paying attention to practically all opinions on what’s going on between Russia and Ukraine (thinking about how it is going to affect us over here and how badly), I am convinced that the entire world is in danger.

I’ll tell you guys right now: none of what’s going on makes sense at all. The )ews are definitely behind it all and it is certainly a Psyop, and an extremely dangerous and deadly one. It is worse than the covid hoax Psyop, because this one is killing dozens and could potentially mass murder hundreds of millions of people.


Before I dig in, allow me to summarize everything I’ve been observing and have come to understand so far about this WW3 Psyop.

So far, there is now, definitely a war happening in the Ukraine.

After a week of not really understanding if a war was actually even happening, we are now seeing actual footage of gun fighting and bombings of things other than airports and military facilities.

The carnage is seen particularly in Kharkiv. Also Mariupol, but that is just the Israeli backed Azov left, so they can just basically kill everyone there and no one cares.

I’ve heard Kharkiv described as basically “PUBG IRL,” with snipers on every rooftop shooting at each other. This is in the midst of heavy shelling.

The Ukrainians continue to take up positions in residential areas to try to force as many civilian casualties as possible.

Unlike in Kiev, where the population is heavily armed, no one in Kharkiv has guns, so the civilians don’t have the ability to offer Russia a surrender, even though this has been called for by the mayor and others.

In Mariupol, they will probably take the city pretty quick. (Kharkiv seems more complicated, from what I’m able to tell.

There are still a lot of videos of Russians just walking and driving around, seemingly not meeting any resistance at all. Of course, all of this could be fake. We have absolutely no way of validating any of this.

There still doesn’t appear to be much fighting in Kiev, other than the standard fighting between Ukrainian criminal gangs that the government for some reason passed out guns to, but there is a military convoy heading into the city that stretches for 40 miles or 17 miles or something.

A 40 mile long convoy sounds a bit wacky, and sort of made up. The same people saying this keep saying that the Russians are moving slowly, because they forgot to bring gas.

But it’s a lot of military coming into the city.

There is some bombing now in the suburbs.

Morale is high among Russians. In every video they seem to be having fun. Definitely not what we’re hearing on CNN/Fox.

You know who’s really excited about this war?


I think these guys are just like, “just send us anywhere to kill whoever; this brings us joy.” I also think they may be paid flash mob actors. Who knows?

Possibly the biggest news of the day is that Ukrainians are claiming they are going to be flying bombing missions from Poland, since all of their airfields have been bombed to oblivion.

This appears to mean that Poland is joining the war. I don’t know how else you’d interpret that. Poland, of course, is a NATO member, so this would be an insane escalation.

Of course, the escalation was already getting weird, as America and the entire EU started sending billions in weapons to the Ukrainian revolutionary terrorist government and its Jewish neo-Nazi mob.

At least the Jewish-run neo-Nazi and fascist regime of the Ukraine is killing some Jews.

The amount of fakery going on is still completely out of control.

Also, the Ukrainians admitted that the Snake Island thing was a hoax. They had previously claimed that when Russians demanded their surrender, they said “fuck you, Putin” and all were killed. In fact, they just surrendered.

I watched Sean Hannity and he was talking about war crimes and kept playing this video of a kid who got hit with something in Mariupol. Mariupol is the base of the Israeli funded Azov, and they are consistently using human shields – they’ve been doing this for 8 years. So, when you use human shields in a war – when you’re firing from residential areas and schools – someone is eventually going to get hurt.

This is very much a social media, smartphone war, so Russia is obviously trying to kill as few civilians as possible, and they seem to be successful with that, but if you get one video of a kid being put into an ambulance, it will just get spammed everywhere for days without context beyond, “Putin is evil and he’s gone insane and maybe he is on some kind of steroids, because his face looks even more insane than usual.”

There are a lot of decisions by the West that don’t make sense.

The West is cutting off all soft power penetration into Russia.

Of course, these dumb cunts had something to say.

Twitter has started labeling any account that is not pro-Ukraine as Russian state propaganda.

But you know who is on the ball?

Adam Kinzinger.

Trump’s comments on the situation have been consistently inconsistent and often bizarre.

One thing is not in question, however: the bravery of President Zelensky.

He recently released this video as a way to boost the morale of the troops, and of the citizen’s militias taking out tanks with water balloons.

With all of this going on, it is very difficult to discern the truth behind it all. Rest assured, everything is going according to plan. There may be an all out world war that will act as precedent to usher in the Great Reset.

This includes threats of nuclear bombings in major cities around the the world, such as New York City. They may actually occur. Mass deaths are needed to justify the, “Stop! We must all come together” narrative.

Listen guys, false flags are even more likely to happen now, because they are very important and even mandatory. Do not forget what we have endured the past two years with the covid hoax insanity.

A cyber attack is being queued up.

The WW3 Psyop, is a smorgasbord for false flags.

Look out!