This image of a Ukrainian boy who drowned while trying to swim to safety in Poland has struck a chord around the globe, playing on the heart strings of the world

The world was in mourning Wednesday after an image emerged of a Ukrainian boy who washed up on the shores of Poland after attempting to flee the brutal Russian assault in his home country.

Russia, led by the autocratical dictator Vladimir Putin, began his brutal siege of the independent democratic country of Ukraine last week, and it has led to a dire refugee crisis, with many attempting to flee across the Polish border. As the image shows, not all survive the perilous journey.

The boy has been identified as Victor Voldovich. He was 5 years old.

A Polish soldier is seen carrying the body of the tiny child, who has been identified as Ukrainian refugee Victor Voldovich.

Seemingly the entire world condemned Russia after the picture emerged. Alyssa Milano, who is a prominent supporter of democracies around the globe, posted the picture with the words “it’s time to start slaughtering Russians,” adding the hashtags “#NoFlyZone” and “#EndDeath.”

Joe Biden has previously said that he will not put boots on the ground in the Ukraine, but after seeing the photo, he told the press that he would have to reconsider.

“Seeing that poor boy, lifeless on those shores, craving democracy… it broke my heart. And yes, I will be discussing further military options for the Ukraine, including deploying American troops, and possibly a nuclear strike,” Biden said.

Many on social media have labeled Victor’s drowning “the gurgle heard round the world.”

Kamala Harris, who is leading the strategy in combating Russia, told the Associated Press that “it is time for Russians to start feeling the pain that little boy felt as his lungs filled with water, and that is what we hope to do, when we begin to do it. That’s all I will say on the matter, because that is all the comment I have.”

America’s most respected government official, Anthony Fauci, was asked about the matter, and he said that the biggest threat to global health right now is Vladimir Putin.

“We’ve faced coronavirus, now it is time to face the Russian virus,” Fauci said.

After Fauci’s comments, the hashtag “#RussiansAreTheVirus” began trending on Twitter.

Far from simply tweeting, people across the world took to the streets to demonstrate, donning the iconic red shirt and blue jeans of the dead boy, and laying on beaches.

Protesters in Detroit don the iconic clothing of the dead Ukrainian refugee boy in a demonstration demanding NATO attack Russia.

Protesters across the world are calling for a NATO strike on Moscow in response to the drowned boy, with one protester’s sign reading “Russia is the virus – nukes are the vaccine!”

Congressman Adam Schiff and Senator Chuck Schumer joined protesters in New York, calling for “the complete annihilation of the Russian regime.” Schumer later clarified that he does not necessarily support the total extermination of the Russian people, but that “we have to act now and do what needs to be done to protect our democracy and protect the children that are dying at the hands of these autocrats.”

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