Were you to do a simple search on the internet using your favorite search engine, you will see how much the the media is pushing a specific narrative about the high gas prices.

Do not mistake what I’m saying. The Russia, Ukraine Psyop does contribute, but we need not forget the shit we were put through the last two years. The destruction of world economies as a result of the scamdemic lockdowns are to blame for all of this. The USA and other governments around the world — the powers that be — the Communists behind the scamdemic — are merely attempting to cover their tracks.

They are effectually using the Russia Ukraine Psyop as a scapegoat. All this is according to plan, of course. Higher gas prices, to them, means the world needs to find energy alternatives. We all need to go “Green”.

The same Psyop is being pushed with regards to car manufacturing being down, due to a chip shortage.

Problem, reaction, solution. All manufactured to achieve their Communist agenda — The Great Reset.

Who buys 112 gallons of fuel?

Gas prices up? Wheat up? Food up? Taxes up? Sorry folks; not my problem. Time to take my weekly vacation and let other people deal with the shit I made.

He’s a very ill man. Sick men have to take sick days.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is being seen as perfect opportunity for World Economic Forum to launch its ‘Cyber Pandemic’.

Remember, in July, 2020, [WEF founder] Klaus Schwab warned the world of a devastating and comprehensive cyber-attack that would ruin the financial system (goodbye deposits, pensions, mutual funds, insurance policies), utilities (goodbye water, gas, electricity), transportation (goodbye planes, air traffic control, smart cars, traffic lights, freight ships, trains, etc), education, healthcare, industry, correctional facilities, the internet itself and pretty much everything that most people in developed countries take for granted.

Net Zero!