Come. Have a seat my friend. Allow me to explain a few things to you.

Remember a few days aback, I mentioned that Israel was behind all of this bullshit that’s going on in Ukraine? Well, it has begun.

Hey! Hold on a minute. Sit your ass down and be quiet. I won’t get into the whole “I told you so” bit, even though I fucking told you so. There’s something very, very strange going on with this Psyop that needs to be discussed and hashed out.

“Something Big Is About To Happen.”

I’m a historian just like most peole who study history. I’m just particularly well read in certain topics and understand historiography, maybe a bit better than the average person, but all of this shit going on, is not normal.

We’re living in probably one of the worst times I can think of. This shit is comparable to the 1930’s in terms of global and national bullshit that literally every country is facing to varying degrees.


The Covid hoax, in the minds of most, is more or less over, but the consequences of government overreach and strict policies have put almost everyone in panic mode on a daily basis. The covid hoax is and has been a Feminine construct. Even the mask-Karens are just people who are so afraid that they are trying to control the behavior of others. This is a classic sign of depression when people try to control their environment.


The “war” in Ukraine is actually an Israeli/)ewish Psyop, intended to create )ewish control and dominance in the Eastern bloc of Europe. Ukraine is to become an Israeli protectorate state. Putin is playing the role that Hitler played in WW2 — a Political Zionist and )ewish sleeper. You just have to dispense with all your delusions about Hitler being a hero, to see the great deception.

A similar, yet somewhat different Psyop is occurring with Putin, where Putin, who is backed by )ewish oligarchs and Chabad Lubavitch, is attempting to “cleanse Ukraine of Nazis”, whom Israel has planted.

The last few times this happened, was in WW1 and WW2, where wealthy banker )ews did this to transfer financial power and concentration from London to New York and set up the )ewish state of Israel. They pinned the blame on Hitler and Germany.

This time, the financial power is leaving New York, for Shanghai and the Great Reset —Perestroika — will be established.

Putin, like Hitler, is being hit severely by the feminine “cancel culture”.

VISA has suspended all operations in Russia.

So, too, has Mastercard suspended all operations in Russia.

Visa and Mastercard cards combined account for 74% of all payment transactions in Russia.

The VISA, Mastercard ban has Russian banks rushing to switch to the Chinese card system — UnionPay — the second-largest and fastest-growing global credit card network.

The Chinese UnionPay payment acceptance network has recently expanded to 180 countries, including to the United States, Canada and the EU region.

TikTok, the Communist Chinese owned app (see TenCent), has suspended uploading of news videos and live streaming in Russia.

If that isn’t enough, Netflix has suspended services in Russia. VPN apps now top the Apple Store charts in Russia.

This has been all planned. The WEF needs a way to cut off the world’s food and oil supply. A war between Russia and Ukraine has done just that. Now you will need to download their smartphone app to participate in this new system they create.

Just as Hitler said in WW2, that boycotting of German goods was an act of war against Germany and German volk, so too, has Putin, about sanctions on Russia.

“Sanctions that are being introduced are akin to a declaration of war on Russia.”

Putin added that attempts to establish no-fly zone over Ukraine by any country will be seen as joining conflict.

Soon after, Israeli PM Bennett has reportedly, held a meeting with Putin in the Kremlin after a “secret trip” to Moscow. Tikun Olam!

Israel to the rescue!

This came hours after Russia threatened to use talks on the Iran nuclear deal to pressure the U.S. over Ukraine sanctions.

Zelensky has asked Bennett to mediate with Russia recently. Bennett spoke with Zelensky after meeting with Putin. I assure you that this is just a cohen-cidence.

Most people are and will continue to go along with the prevailing narrative of the Psyop, pedaled in the )ewish lamestream media, because all the feminine values have already taken hold of their minds.

Just as how a woman who doesn’t like you will poison other women and men around, in to disliking you, too, so has the feminine constructs involved in this Psyop, been successful on the most unsuspecting. They literally believe that Putin is some insane, crazy, white guy who wants to destroy the little poor Ukrainians and white, male dominance and patriarchy needs to end, because it causes wars and death and we can’t have those, especially the latter.

This is essentially a real-time, living example of what I’ve mentioned and discussed in past articles about The Feminine being a tool of and for destruction; that )ews have incorporated it into their identity and use it against us, goyim.

War is and can only be justified in the name of The Feminine and for The Feminine. Telling men that they are going to war to secure resources for their rulers, simply won’t work. This is why an enemy, or an entity that threatens the safety of women is needed.

There is a dichotomy within The Feminine, however, where violence — war — is used for the protection of and in the name of “women and children” and for access to women’s vaginas. Hence the White Father campaigns of WW1 and similar campaigns in WW2 and every subsequent war. This has been done for majority of human existence, where in order to get men to fight for “God and country” (euphemism for vagina) men were promised resources and status which gave them access to women. Exactly what every retarded cop and soldier wants.

This is why the GI Bill is so important. House, car, wife and kids and a stipend. An excellent extension and expansion of the welfare state!

Conversely, The Feminine is used as it is being used right now to seemingly dismantle Russia and stymie Putin’s efforts, by using shaming language and shaming tactics, as women do, to get Putin to desist. More importantly, it is how it dupes you and other gynocentric retards into believing the narrative of the Psyop, because you have this natural, unfounded affinity towards women and their stupidity.