The average gas prices in the U.S. have now reached $4.17 per gallon today, the highest in history, breaking the previous record of $4.11 set in July 2008.

Don’t worry, everything is going according to plan. We no longer need those nasty, stinking, fume-emitting, fossil fuel burning contraptions. We can Go Green! We can all save the planet and its environment (because they are so in need of saving), by driving electric cars and utilizing “alternative methods” – Net Zero.

I promise to write up an article explaining how all of this is part of The Feminine and due to women being allowed free roam in societies. The Communists — )ews (especially the Vaginal )ew) and their useful idiots — have merely adopted the mentality and thinking of women. To give a brief insight: this is no different to saving kittens in trees, tree-hugging, “we need to save the little girls and mommy the entire world” propaganda that is born out of extreme exaggerations, due to women not understanding the world and how reality works. The Feminine is a Socialist/Communist construct. Women are inherently Socialist/Communist and much of this can be understood when looking at the family structure.

(There was some moron who made the inane comment of, “how could Communism be a Female Construct, when Karl Marx was a man”. Feminine values are not only employed, embodied, or displayed, by women. Men employ it as a mating strategy all the time, to make themselves more appealing to women and the state uses it to dominate and control and subsequently destroy everything, like a woman does. It is alarming that I actually have to explain this).

Anyways. People are so stupid that they actually believe that the spike in gas prices is due to the “conflict” with Russia. Again, this goes back to what I said here, where I explained how the average mind is dull and irrational; it sees two things going on at once and automatically thinks and believes that one is causing the other. Admittedly, the )ewish mainstream media takes advantage of this fact and is about to create useful idiots on a whim.

This will only have an even more adverse effect, due to the fact that this moron and others like him, have subjected themselves to Socialist/Communist utopia propaganda that saw them literally crippling the western economies. Remember him banning fracking and the Keystone pipeline? Shutting them down and claiming Russians were hacking and all that bullshit?

Well, Psaki and many others are insisting that all of these actions have nothing to do with the current manufactured “energy crisis” we are all soon to face.

There is some legitimacy to her claim, though. It has to do with the fact that were we to rely on our own home grown industries, the price of gas would be high, anyway. Arguably, the price would be comparable, due to production cost — having to train and hire our own labor force. In addition to the fact that Americans would require a higher pay, this would also bleed into the generation gap of the manual labor force that does not currently exist. An entire generation would have to be trained and should have been trained and educated into filling these positions. Naturally, accelerated courses would be needed and the manual labor pool would shift drastically — taking human capital from one industry to another. These types of actions and moves are extremely costly and tend to change, not just economies, but lifestyles and livelihoods. It is a culture shaking and life changing event.

I know, you, like me, would prefer that kind of change, instead of the culture shake and change in a Socialist/Communist, Great Reset direction.

Some good things that come to mind about such a drastic shift would be, saving on the cost of having to transport oil and natural gas from these foreign nations to us here in the US. The cost of living will rise, but there would be jobs for many skilled and unskilled laborers. The standard of living is guesstimated to decline were such a thing to happen and this is the rallying cry of the retards.

The plan of the Socialists/Communists is to ring in a fossil fuel free utopia. They want to totally abandon all usage of oil and gas in order to dismantle and destroy the US’ economy by going full on electric and other insane and unrealistic alternative methods. They mask this nonsense as, “ending our dependency on foreign oil” and “resort to cleaner alternatives” without understanding that we need to burn coal and fossil fuels anyway to generate electricity. These people are insane and retarded and many of us have fallen for their bullshit.

Remember, Net Zero is the goal!

All of this nonsense of gas shortages is merely constructed and manufactured. You can read here, here and here to get a general idea of Brandon’s past shenanigans, but rest assured that he is merely fulfilling the plan.

As it stands, we’re in for a world of hurt with all of this. Psyop on top of psyop and hoaxes weaving in and out of other hoaxes. I hope you’re enjoying 2022.