It really is upsetting, because I just want to be wrong once about all of this insane shit, because I really don’t want any of it to happen.

My last article was off the cuff, based on a few headlines I read. It wasn’t even due to some deep diving I did. I barely put in any effort, but holy shit!

You guys saw that video on the last article, right? Well…

Brandon has officially done the deed. He’s announced a full ban on Russian oil and gas imports.

He says, you’re just going to have to deal with the price hikes on gasoline.

He says it’s not his fault, don’t ever blame him again. He is doing a great job at everything.

He also said that this is some kind of Great Reset, global warming thing and you have to buy an electric car. Goddammit, I told you so!

(No one seems to be aware of how these electric cars are made and maintained, or where the electricity that fuels them comes from.)

He didn’t mention the obvious fact that this means literally everything is going to nearly double in price, and basically, you’re all poor forever.

Who was requesting this, other than the fuckheads in government and the media?

Well, the answer is: people who are not affected by gas prices. That’s the only people who could be requesting it.

Not even women are stupid enough to say, “make me so poor I can’t live my life, because of this atrocity gibberish I saw on TV about a country I’d never heard of until last week” and women are pretty fucking stupid. Oh wait a minute.

I got a little hopeful.

I guess one underlying point of interest is that Brandon himself is obviously going to get blamed for this, which means that Democrats are going to lose the midterm elections badly even with whatever election-rigging they had planned.

Then, you’ll have both houses controlled by the Republicans who are – surprise, goyim! Surprise! – way more aggressively anti-Russian (and anti-Chinese) than even the Democrats.

This whole thing is basically all getting rolled back to the George W. Bush era.

The Republicans working on the war front will of course, go along with whatever plans the Democrats have to move people into tiny tenement apartments and feed them government insect paste.

Because we are at war for the future of democracy, and sometimes, that means everyone has to be huddled into government housing and use a government digital credits system on their phone to pay for basic things to keep them alive.

In the end, this is all about our values, and who we are, because of women…*cough cough* I mean, democracy.

But let’s look at the upside.

At least Activision-Blizzard’s social media game is on point.

Oh, and Poland is sending the jets.

I don’t know what that means other than “NATO is at war with Russia”, but we shall see.