You don’t have to listen to me. You don’t have to agree with me, either, but guess what? I am right and will always be right about women and The Feminine!

When was women’s day ever a thing? It is all a contrived and pretentious nonsensical vocation that can only come from the mind and values of a woman in order to feel special, because women aren’t. Their only value is sex and nothing more, so they have to pretend and force others to play along with the pretend game, that they actually have more to offer.

It’s virtue signaling and virtue signaling is Feminine.

Wait. There’s more.

These cunts are selling vagina on dating sites and using the war as a mating tactic to attract desperate men.

Guess what! It’s going to work. It’s going to work, because men today are desperate, gynocentric, pussy-begging lapdogs that will do anything for female attention and vagina.

It should occur to you readers that women have never been oppressed. As a rule of thumb, if women have it bad, men have it worse! Essentially, women can leave for safer countries, while men have to stay and die, but that’s because women are the real victims, here. Okay? Got it? Good!

This is also the core of the immigration “issue”. All these white knight, mangina, tradcon, “we must stop immigration” guys out there, are only in favor of immigration for women. Attractive women! You can see these sentiments expressed in social media all the time. It is essentially hate for men by men who do not want to compete with other men for access to women.

Conversely, women do the same thing, too. Women are pro immigration, because not only do they get to feed the “feel good” bullshit inside of them that comes from wanting to rescue kittens in trees and mommy the entire planet, but they also get access to new and foreign male attention. They don’t have to compete as much with other women for male attention. Yes, it is all about sex!

It takes the rational and intelligent mind to surpass the psychological underpinnings of having to satiate sexual urges and drives and see that immigration has severe economic and cultural effects. Still, the “rational male” — he pretends to be — will make allowances “if she’s hot”, because he is a slave to his baser instincts, therefore, not a Sovereign Male.

He is primitive and sensate and will fold under pressure.

Women’s Day is a Gommunist thing — government sanctioned Female values.
Those Ukranian women are expressing the sentiments of Gommunism. The journalists are Gommie lovers, so they’re merely doing what brings them attention the most — “Oh, the poor, poor darlings!”

It is how the only way ALL Psyops work.