I can’t stand these fucking rats. They think they hold a corner on genocide!


These fucking rats make me sick, but first they make me so goddamn angry!

Holohoax this, holohoax that. It’s like they seek out and go out of their way to find opportunities to say “muh Holocaust!”

It didn’t fucking happen!

They always want to be the most oppressed in the Oppression Olympics. They are just like fucking women.


Okay, now. Remember when Trump was president and there was the whole “Russia Collusion” thing? Well, there was some truth to it, but nothing significantly impactful. However, it was impactful enough to work as a Psyop to act as the build up and precursor for what is going on today with Russia and Ukraine.

Trump was and is a patsy, like all other presidents are )ewish Zionist controlled patsies, but he, in particular was there to stir up the impetus for conflict with Russia; to foment the narrative of “Russia is bad” and him [Trump] befriending Putin says, this, that and the other about him. It’s bad optics.” Not that the “Russia bad” narrative didn’t already exist, but people tend to have very short memories and attention spans and the goyim need to be reminded.

The Democrats were all hot and heavy about Russia and now, today, we are seeing why.

Remember folks, this is all about The Great Reset — Perestroika — China’s Belt and Road Initiative — which will feature Israel at the helm, or in the seat of power, or however you want to put it. The Rat will get the cheese, so to speak, then.

“There is a holocaust going on!” and $12.6Bn for Ukraine. I’m telling you now, the )ews are setting up Ukraine to be Israel 2.0. While Palestine continues to be genocided by Israelis.

Anti-lynching laws, VAWA and all these )ewish pushed, backed and funded legislations are lined up for when you fail to get in line.

Anti-lynching laws, simply mean that you cannot and will not be able to criticize )ews for what they are doing. It is over for whites!

VAWA simply means you can’t punch that bitch in the face when she sells you and your family members out, for frivolous, hedonistic pleasures. The weakest link is backed by the government and women will always betray the tribe. It is over for whites!

The Covid hoax fund simply means the shit will never end and will be used against you when and if people get too rowdy. “ANOTHER VARIANT” has successfully been added to their arsenal of hoaxes and Psyops.

Raising gas prices to pay for weapons and aid for )ews in Ukraine, when they are trying to destroy western economies with Net Zero bullshit and trying to take away our guns. I thought guns were bad?

Putin is the new Hitler.

Hold on to your asses. Here comes the bumpy part of the ride.