So, things have gotten extremely interesting over the past 24 hours.

The NWO is now “distancing” itself from the NWO — George Soros and Klaus Schwab have denounced Putin and Xi Jin Ping

Hold on! Wait a minute. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Allow me to do my job — keep you readers on the right path and reassure you that you are not insane.


While all of this may be, at first, a bit alarming, you guys know deep down inside that it isn’t all that shocking to you. After all the bizarre shit that has occurred for the past few years, you guys are totally tapped in, just as I am, and kinda expected this.

You are tuned into the number one brand in honesty and I, with your readership and support, will maintain honesty, brutally.

As mentioned before, Putin is going to be the new Hitler for the 21st century, to keep the )ewish victimology alive. This is how Israel and )ews maintain power and dominance over us. This victimhood is a fundament of Socialism/Communism, for it legitimizes government use of force and coercion.

Putin is another Zionist stooge just as Hitler was. Hitler gave )ews the red carpet treatment. He was their “messiah” — Haman figure — as he gave them their “promised land” (see Haavara Agreement) (Many Hitlertards will attempt to give reasons and explanations as to why he did this in order to explain away the obvious and justify their support for an obvious loser).

He made )ews unassailable and enhanced their dreadful nefarious race. In so doing, he deadened and smote the German volk’s racial pride; he trampled upon the pride of their nation by using “National Socialism” (it is still Socialism and cousin to Communism — the step in between Capitalism and Communism) — Fascism — in order to subvert them, thereby increasing )ewish victimology and support. He, like white cops, is accountable for anti-white racism as the other races are seeking to retaliate on anyone who has “Nazi sentiments — anyone who criticizes )ewish aggression against whites. They are quickly, shamed, ostracized and sent straight to the “slaughterhouses” of public opinion. This is the current plight of any and all White men, today.

Putin is the same and quite frankly, could be worse. After all, he is )ewish and avidly supports )ews and Israel in all things. People rooting for Putin makes about as much sense as dressing in drag, while shouting around how much one hates faggots. I am aware that this may be a regular activity among retards, but still, it seems retarded to me and I know it does, too, to you readers. It is like talking about how much free speech we have here in the west, but were you to say anything about blacks, women and )ews and Israel, you’ll be immediately Gulag’d. Especially if it’s the obvious truth.

As predicted and as forewarned, this is all leading to great intervention of The Great Reset. This is political theater and if you were to ask me, Putin is playing his part very well.

Up next: Xi annexes Taiwan.