All I can say is, we knew this was coming, we knew this was going to happen and your favorite: I told you so!

Here is this old, senile, jackass, piece of shit Commie, in his own words:

The truth is, this fake “president”, Communist mummy, is sanctioning Americans in order to pretend like he’s punishing Putin. Remember, all of this is according to The Great Reset plan, which is all in line with the covid and climate change hoax to get you to Go Green!

Look, folks, there are a lot of factors that contribute to inflation, but, check this out. This is the M2 Money Supply report:

As you can see from that chart, as you already know, that there was an exponential increase in the money supply in March of 2020.

Well, who here can tell me what occurred in March of 2020? Hmm?

“Teacher! Teacher! I know the answer! Pick me!”

Yes, you there, eager soul. Tell me what happened.”

“Kim and Kourtney Kardashian got into a fight live in their show.”

“Uhhhh, noooo. Oookay.”
No, it was when Teddy Ghebreyesus announced that there was this “new” fake virus that threatened to shut down the economies of the entire planet. Yes! That was March 11, 2020. So, Trump-Bucks rolled out. Money printer went “brrrrr!!!” and when that happens, it dilutes the money supply. Every unit of currency that’s in circulation becomes lesser and lesser in value and purchasing power. In other words, you have to use more of them to buy less.

Right around the same time of this major increase in the money supply, this happened:

The Consumer Price Index went up as well. Back then, back in March of 2020, it a “partial shutdown” was planned which led to panic buying and spending. Now we know that it was a permanent shutdown of the economy, because we had to save people from a fake, hoax virus. Therefore, the M1 money supply was increased and the CPI rose.

Now, we have “Let’s Go Brandon” is saying that the current inflation that we are all going to be suffering through, is due to Vladimir Putin. Why are these people still alive?

He is essentially saying that Putin has some weird magical power that controls and affects the ebb and flow of world markets and causes inflation when he farts.

This is easy for dumb Americans to believe, because most Americans cannot mind their fucking business and believe that what someone else does in their own time and private lives; whatever they do that has absolutely nothing to do with others, has something to do with others. As I always ask nosey fucks when they are trying to insert themselves in my life with the most inane questions: “I don’t mean to be rude, but how does what I eat make you shit? If you can answer that question for me, I’ll be more than happy to oblige you”.

The same applies here with Biden and Putin. How does what Putin eat make us here, in America shit? How does the price of tea in China affect us? How does what we do here in our personal lives, here in America, affect the price of tea in China? And mind you folks, this isn’t negating the fact that world economies are indeed connected. Rather, this is to point out that Biden’s claim of inflation being due to Putin’s supposed invasion of Ukraine, is absolute nonsense and that you and I are suffering, because these fuck heads in government are getting involved in shit that does not concern us. Anyone who tells you that you need to pick a side and are siding with Putin, or Ukraine as if what they have going on over there affects their lives personally, is a fucking moron!

What the dumb asses in government have done is they have made it or business, against our wills and interests. Generally speaking, none of us give a fuck about what’s going on with Russia and Ukraine and we shouldn’t. We have enough problems over here. It is the same nosey bullshit that causes rubbernecking on highways. Mind your fucking business and stop holding up traffic! Yet, the media and Brandon are involving us and making what goes on over there, our business. It is outrageous and insulting!

Again, why are these people still alive?!

We have the )ewish banking cartels, the Federal Reserve, Trump, Biden and the rest of the Zionist, Communist self interested retards to thank for all of this. Inflation, the record breaking hike in gas prices especially, are a all a tax on us to fund whatever bullshit is going on in Ukraine. $12.9Bn in aid to these people who we have absolutely nothing to do with.

Fuck ZOG!

What Bryce Mitchell just said, boomers will never comprehend, because boomers are retarded.

What is to come is a total nightmare scenario. Here is a message from a trucker.

It will get worse and what many don’t seem to understand is that people, at this time in our lives and history, need support networks, they need community, they need access to food that doesn’t come from a grocery store, for when shit hit the fan. They also need to live somewhere without diversity. Maybe it will take another year for things to “get really bad”, but people have already tolerated what I would call “really bad” for a long time.