Yes, the “Russia bad”, “Russia’s the boogeymen” Psyop continues after all these years, yet the rise of food prices and food riots psyop is escalating.

Remember, folks, this is all going according to plan. Problem, Reaction, Solution.

All of this is manufactured, like I’ve mentioned several times in several articles. Nothing is organic and “happenstance-tial”. In order for a woman to be relevant, she must always create scenarios where she is needed (see Munchausen by Proxy. It is a lot not common than we are led to believe. It is often expressed in several ways, outside of the caregiver setting. Just observe the women in your lives when you have everything under control and do not need them for anything. They will create reasons to be needed and there will be conflict).

Likewise, in order for these people in government to remain relevant they need to create problems, where people react in an expected manner — they beseech government to intervene and save them, because they are dumb, lazy, morons who refuse to do things for themselves — then government provides the “solution” — more government interventionism. It is no different to a mafia shakedown and racketeering.

It is all engineered to bring in The Great Reset as the solution.

Okay, let’s pull back for a moment. I’ll say it now. If you want to understand what is going on in our world — if you want to understand Communism and what it’s all about and why it is so successful — you only need to understand Female behavior and psychology. Seriously, that’s it!

If you want to fully comprehend Socialism and Communism, just observe Female behavior. That’s it! Nothing more!

They are both Feminine constructs, in ideology, values and application.

I’ve said this many times before in previous articles, but I’ve never truly delved into it. Nonetheless, many men and to my surprise, a few women, have messaged me, telling me that they see exactly what it is I’m saying and that it is a truly eye awakening red pill.

I won’t get too much into it yet, because I’m working on an article hashing out all of it, but, as I’ve said numerous times before: EVERYTHING we are as humans boils down to two inescapable constants — Male & Female — Masculine and Feminine. This constant is actually quite pervasive and commonplace throughout the animal kingdom. Yes! Nature and evolution have assigned roles for each sex and those roles are inherent to our sexual dimorphic makeup and capacities.

The role of governments and the people in those governments, the cultural identities of peoples, ideologies and just about everything that you can imagine, are and can either be Masculine, or Feminine. That includes )ews and how and why they dominate! All governments and cultures around the world have adopted Feminine values and ideology.

The food shortage psyop is no different to any of the other psyops they’ve conducted on us, because they all attempt to and are successful, because they induce fear!

Food shortages and food riots are coming to America, for sure. It is necessary, of course, to create a need for an already planned solution. Guess what?! People are going to fall for it. They will succumb, give in and beg for the government to intervene.

What’s ironic is that these people will not see that the people in the government are the problem and not the solution.

People are stupid and this is why I stay away from them.