I think it is important to do this, because I certainly want everyone to be aware of the truth about the direction our planet is headed.

I don’t own a Tesla and probably never will, because they are just cringe to me, but I have driven a few EVs and I must admit that I love how well they drive and they are pretty fast. EVs do have some sort of… I don’t know. Now that I think about it, no, they are not practical at all and I had the privilege of driving a few for 3 months, or longer.

Ah, yes they are good for city dwellers, but that requires charging stations everywhere. A place like Nig York City would benefit greatly from EVs.

Anyway, that’s my brief opinion on them for now, but here are some inconvenient facts about electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles immediately lose 10% of their total battery capacity permanently. Were you to Joogle “Tesla range loss” you would find this to be the case. The Tesla warranty only covers more than 30% capacity loss up to 100k miles, so the average 10% loss within the first year (many lose it within the first 3000 miles) is completely within spec.

Cold weather destroys range. So, if you live in the North, expect to lose about 33% of your range on days the temperature drops below 40 degrees.

Driving faster than 60 to 65 mph destroys range.
If you drive 80 mph expect to get about about 75 miles using 50% of your battery capacity. Get ready to be cursed regularly on the freeway if you drive 65 mph.

You’re instructed to not charge it to more than 80% capacity, or let it drop below 20% capacity or it damages the battery. So, you really only have 60% of the capacity to work with.

The real world range is 66% of whatever the battery shows. If the battery says there are 198 miles more to 0%, that means there are actually 132 real miles.

Supercharging is 90% as expensive as gasoline, damages your battery and takes more than an hour to charge.

Anything that heats up the battery is bad for its health. This includes supercharging, parking the car in the sun, doing multiple fast launches.

So, take any “long range” tesla which has 330 miles range, brand new. It will lose more than 10% of that range within 2 months of ownership. Furthermore, they are not supposed to be charged to 100%, nor have a charge drop below 20%. Also, real world mileage is 2/3 of that range so, they only get something like 120 miles usable range, which means they can’t drive further than 60 to 75 miles away from home.

Teslas and other EVs are a shallow branding ploy. They’re made to appear like they’re cutting edge technology, created by the brightest minds who conceive of things you couldn’t possibly understand. In reality, as with most things, this is nothing but a branding ploy.

The same thing happened with the inclusion of computers into most cars, which actively damage functionality and make your vehicle less reliable, costing the consumer more over time to repair or to replace.

Yet, to be fair, the only people around who drive Teslas and EVs are middle aged Indian men and basedbeard faggots.