This is the future, guys: you will be forced to work for a woman. You SHOULDN’T! Not even as a sex slave, but this is the direction in which society is headed.

I have, ad nauseum, told the absolute truth about women — women are dumb — and my honesty about that reality will remain unwavering.

The girl with the black hair has a sextape with some black guy.

I have met and I have dated these types of bitches. They glide through life like a pair of scissors through cloth. They are the types of people who have never met resistance in their lives, until they met me. “Uh, no bitch. I’m doing you a favor and you just lost a lot of mileage. Time to trade you in.”

I’m almost certain that OnlyFans is these cringe Zoomer cunt’s primary source of income. What happens when daddy’s money runs out? Porn if their connections suck, otherwise, they just leech off some well-off dude.

Can you imagine working for one of these retarded slags? I’d rather go on welfare. They will be working for me instead. I will work elsewhere to specifically avoid this scenario. It is enough that we have to suffer through them in the early years of our lives.

Can you imagine becoming a millionaire based on how you look? This means two things: Women are not and have never been oppressed and men are in a seriously damaged state of existence.

You desperate, shallow, retarded men are the ones making these dumb whores millionaires.

More and more mom’s are becoming “sex workers” — whores. How will this affect their children and society in general?

Well, one thing is certain and that is, in our gynocentric culture, a woman gets to do anything she wants. She must and can never be told what to do, she can never be corrected and is above reproof. Any attempts to do any of these things means you are oppressing her!

So, these Onlyfans sluts are now millionaires and are advertising themselves on city billboards.

How did society get to this point? This is what happens when you allow women free roam in any society!

This is what happens when you let women go on the internet and social media. Allowing women on the internet was a gigantic mistake.

Women do not work and they cannot lead. No amounts of whoring their way to the top, or social justice can change that.

Everything led by women goes down the drain. This is a fact of life.

If you’re still a part of the stupid and insane, torture ritual that is the modern “dating game”, then here’s a rule you should abide by — if the stupid cunt is on socal media, do not engage and do not get involved. This rule should be applied to all scenarios, regardless of being a part of the foolish “dating game” pastime and you must come to grips with the fact that by following this rule, you will have eliminated 95% of women out there.

Yet, there is something poignant to grasp here and that is, 95% of those women are seeking the attention of men on social media, by posting pictures of themselves, constantly. She can never be hers alone, so she can never be yours. She shares herself with the entire world. That isn’t a woman deserving of respect, nor your attention, whatsoever!

It also means that this dumb whore is extremely frivolous and impulsive, albeit that women are generally this way, however, you can expect that social media sanctions, co-signs and rewards these traits. This is not someone you want to invest in in any capacity.

Women are designed to leech because they bring nothing to the table when shit hits the fan.

Women LITTERALLY have to victimize themselves, in order to exist. They actively look for problems, or make them up if they can’t find any. Were you, as a man, to allow a woman to do things for you, she will act as though you have expections of the thing she has done for you, even though she has made a habit of it. Even if you shower her with kisses for continuously doing this thing, out of appreciation, she would probably say, you’re smothering her with all those kisses, or that you’ve become dependent on her and you need to start doing this and that for her, or something arbitrary like that. There is absolutely nothing selfless about a woman and what she does. It is primarily ethical egoism.

Here is an email that was sent to me, yesterday.

It reads as follows:

Hello, I read your articles religiously everyday especially the ones about woman. I wanted to ask you personally what are your experiences with woman these days.

I despise women. I extremely despise them and now I am rewatching Ozark S3 and S4 and Laura Linney is the perfect woman that I despise.

I had this unpleasant altercation with my mom like 6 days ago and I literally want to murder her. She tried to hit me with a plastic water bottle and I said ” Dont touch me you fucking Cunt”. I was calling her a bitch the whole time She threatened to have her brothers kill me with a gun. I said I will kill all of you before you could ever kill me and I vow a death to everyone of her family members when I get older.

I dont get along with my sister as well. She is Penn State university and is a legit fucking retarded liberal prostitute. I havent communicate with her since she left for college and when I did I knew it was the last time I ever wanted to communicate with her.

This old lady at the gym, White, in her 40s and I locked eye contacts. She smiled at me. I blatantly ignored her. Feels so good. Everytime I rethink about it I feel amazing. Such good shit. I plan on doing more.

Fuck woman. And I completely dont care about Russia or Ukraine or whoever wins. Women degeneracy has made me a sociopath or possible a psychopath. I do have care and love for a few people but not everyones on my list.

My response to you is, stop paying attention to them and allowing them to affect your life. Your life and your worth, as a man, is of way more importance than any front hole.

I will address this email in more detail, coming soon.