Those street-shitters better get with the program before they know what’s good for them. You don’t go against Globohomo and get away unscathed.

In a speech to Indian parliament, Prime Minister Modi tells MPs that India cannot afford, morally, to sanction Russia.

We could bend to western pressure and enact sanctions, but how would we look at ourselves in the mirror? Russia helped India when nobody else on Earth would, in our struggles with Pakistan and China, when the US was supplying Pakistan with advanced weaponry. A nation that does not stand with its friends is not a nation at all. We are against war; we stand for peace, but when forced to choose, we must always choose our friends.

We urge the United States to step back and reconsider its threats as we will not back down on this point. America cannot make enemies of all of mankind and expect to remain an important power.

Uh, this guy has obviously been living under a rock for the past twenty years. He has obviously not been introduced to the JQ, nor understands how the )ewish war machine works.

He needs to look up “5 Dancing Israelis” using his favorite search engine and see how far the rabbit hole goes. If he doesn’t, he may end up like Saddam Husein, or Muammar Gadaffi.

Well, look. The truth is, all of this is orchestrated, in order to show India as an example of what happens when and if you go against ZOG. Again, nothing is done randomly, or by happenstance. Nothing is done without their stamp of approval, whether they be yay, or nay.

Modi is going to be removed from office within the time frame of a month, if this keeps up. The CIA is going to make sure a more “USA friendly” leader takes charge. However, if India and China settle their differences, then it’s literally over for the Amerimutt empire.

So far, all of the countries that embrace Feminine values such as LGBTQ, Communist ideology have sanctioned Russia. We must not forget the greatest pebble in his shoe — Women. Indian women have been allowed free roam in India and this will be Modi’s downfall.

An American perspective:

Do you know how many Indians work in Big Tech? Every big tech company but Apple has an Indian CEO and half Indian “engineers” now. Despite them not being in actual India any more, they’ve all brought over all their old world ways with them to America. How many are loyal to America, apple pie, Thomas Jefferson and all of that which matters to us? Basically, none of them.

They have the access and authority to spy on, fuck with, and otherwise make life hard here when it comes to IT.

Most, if not all of them are feminists and go along with anything that is ridiculous in a very “no I cannot do that” manner. They are like cops. They will go along and sanction the dumbest, most vile and diabolical shit, just because some “authority” told them to. They are very woman-like in the sense that they will go along with any agenda in order not to be perceived as outside of the norm.

They are anti-freedom, effeminate, gynocentric cretins who think it honorable to “follow rules” even if they are immoral. This is why ZOG wants them in America and occupying cities like NYC — Queens — Liberty, Ozone Park, Richmond Hill and Jackson Heights.

They will embrace anything they think will bring them status and make them appear to be upstanding. These include “democracy” and Communism. They are sycophantic lapdogs with no origin of thought.

Just like with how every country, or nation leader who refused to allow the covid vax into their country was found dead, )ewish Israeli agents will make the leader of India be found having committed suicide, via two shots to the back of the head — suicided. Watch your back India. Corrupt )ew agents aren’t anything to fuck with.