This I cannot disagree with. It is toxic masculinity to play “captain save a hoe” and be violent on behalf of some slag that has cuckolded you for decades.

It is very toxic to be in servitude of and obeisant to any woman, especially whores.

It very expected, yet extremely toxic, for any man to resort to violence in the name of “defending her honor”. Of course I am addressing this from the perspective of it not being scripted.


Contrary to what the gynotopia and retarded, gynocentric, simp ass faggots like Will Smith tell you, honor isn’t an attribute that is inveterate to women. It isn’t a characteristic that is the default part of a woman’s makeup. It is a title that is earned, just as how being trustworthy and being worthy of respect are earned. Yet, gynocentric men — men raised and emasculated by women — especially women — believe and would force you and I to believe that having honor is an intrinsic characteristic of women. This is not remotely close to the truth, nor reality.

Secondly, just because a woman has kids for you, does not mean she is honorable.

Again, the gynotopia has duped men into believing that any woman who has children is some kind of immaculate Madonna figure. This blatant lie is too pervasive a sentiment. Society is destroyed, because of women and because of this lie that sees unearned veneration awarded to these stupid cunts — mothers who have been sanctioned by the state and gynocentric men to do whatever the fuck they want, whenever they want, because of how they “feel”. This includes removing the father from the home and substituting him for Daddy Government and the woman believing that working for some company, or agency is more rewarding than working for her family. These women are not honorable in the slightest sense, but are quite stupid as women generally are and men who deign these slags to be honorable, because they have kids, do not understand that even roaches have kids.

Anyone who knows anything about anything, will tell you that motherhood is a make or break scenario. When done right, it produces the best offspring and this can only be achieved under the auspices of masculinity. When done wrong, you get the fucked up, twisted, insane and debauched societies we have today.

It is an objective truth and an undeniable, empirical fact that women are despicable creatures, when left up to their own devices and capacities as women are today. Chris Rock, especially, has come to learn and understand this fact of life. Follow his recent developments and his commentaries on his experiences with marriage and women and you will find a very red pilled man. The exact opposite is Will Smith. Will Smith, and many others like him, are quintessential examples of the gynocentric, pussy-begging and pussy-worhsipping phenomenon that is perpetuated in the gynotopia. Raised by a single mom to be obeisant and subservient to women, simply because they have vaginas and bear children. This is the same man who has allowed his wife to walk all over him and be in an “open-relationship”, where she has sex with other men, after cheating on him with one of her son’s friends (or, son’s friend’s father (???)) He, like most retarded, white knight tradcon idiots, think they themselves are honorable, because they allow women to trample and walk all over them and treat them like shit. They do not see that women are toxic and that allowing this, is in itself, toxic masculinity.

Many who have seen “the slap” are quick to label the incident as TNB — “Typical Nigger Behavior”.

Despite making up only 6.3% of Oscar nominations, NIGGERS commit 100% of Violent Crimes at the Oscars

While blacks are indeed prone to hair trigger violence and possess touchy prides, this reaction by Will Smith is very common among all races!

Here is a much needed Red Pill: All races are gynocentric! Men of all races are gynocentric.

It can be argued that blacks are more gynocentric than whites and whites are more so than Asians, but that’s getting into the weeds and is truly absurd and a fool’s errand. The rule of all races when it comes to women is: when someone insults your “queen”, you respond and you respond, violently. Although, it goes without saying, a white man would have kept his cool due to the auspices of the occasion and indeed niggers have no self control.

Some are saying that we should give the guy a break. After all, his wife cheated on him, his son is gay and his daughter’s a dyke and he’s desperately trying to hold it all together.

Most of you out there would snap, too, were you this cucked and some funny-man comes along and makes a joke about it.

No, no, no. This is what women produce. This is what women being in control produces — men who respond with violence, like women, towards other men who speak the truth. Taking your queues from a woman, because she contorts her face in disgust is emasculation. This goes back to the Male Mother Need I discuss, which most men are victims of. Will Smith’s actions is the typical, “you talking about my momma”, “don’t talk about my moms” dumb shit that is pervasive within the culture of single-mother-parented, emasculated and feminized men. White American men are just as much, a bunch of emasculated pussies. They, too, respond the same way and 14 words is an embodiment of this gynocentrism for white slags who continue to destroy the white race. They will even do this for women they do not even know. So…

Jada Pinkett Slut is totally embarrassed, I’m sure of it. Will Smith thinks he did “the honorable thing” and “stood up for his woman” and that makes him “alpha” and “a real man”, because he subscribes to a Feminine definition of masculinity which means “violence” and a man who does and will do anything for a woman. In the end, what Will Smith did isn’t enough for Jada Pinkett Smith, because Tupac would have shot that nigga. So, he’s still a “pussy ass bitch nigga”.

In conclusion: yes it is toxic masculinity to behave the way Will Smith did, because the way he behaved is the way an emasculated, feminized, cuckolded man would behave. Masculine men let that kind of shit roll off their backs and don’t think and process things the way faggot manginas do — “defend her honor” bullshit.

Masculine men understand the unspoken code of “bros before hoes”! Masculine men understand that your ability to get laid is directly proportionate to your ability to stand up to women and tell them “No!” and “fuck off, you stupid, dirty whore”. Masculine men abide by the constitution of Male Sovereignty and reward women based on their virtues such as their sexual market value.