I don’t care if anyone believes me, or trusts what I say here; I have a very good track record and my predictive power has been spot on and I’ll just tell you, whether you like it or not, “I told you so!”.

The Communists are going to block out the sun. This is going to happen, whether you like it or not. This will be the next big thing the dumb, unwise and unsuspecting masses are supposed to argue about and without fanfare, they will support.


Very soon, world leaders will publicly promote a form of solar geoengineering which involves injecting massive amounts of particulate matter into the stratosphere with the aim of creating a uniform blanket that shields the entire planet in a layer of reflective material.

Doing so will increase Earth’s albedo by reflecting solar radiation back into space and will thereby rapidly reduce Earth’s surface temperature.

This outrageous plan will be sold as a quick “solution” to climate change, and will become a huge debate. Were any rational minds to contest the mainstream narrative that will emerge in support of this agenda, they will be banned from social media for spreading “misinformation” and will be branded as a climate denier, anti-science, conspiracy theorist, terrorist and extremist.

Essentially, the lines will be drawn yet again, between those who support and those who contest the mainstream COVID narrative. This time, however, the debate will be framed as a debate over the “fate of the planet”. Hence, disagreement about solar geoengineering will be even more vitriolic than the disagreement about COVID and the death vax. Society will likely descend into total madness, once again.

Shitlibs will literally see dissenters as the harbingers of the environmental apocalypse, when they do not support their insane schemes to rapidly cool the planet.

The idea has already been floated in the )ewish mainstream media. Funders of major solar geoengineering efforts include the following:

I anticipate that the guy below, David Keith, will be the “expert” at the forefront of it all. He’s one of the lead scientists working on the Gates-funded HSGRP. He’ll be the Fauci of geoengineering.

His face screams, “it’s a good thing physiognomy is a discredited pseudoscience”.

We can only wonder if they know this will doom them as well as all other living organisms. Maybe they’re too hubristic to believe that it would. I’m pretty sure they’ll be ready to let us know that rice farms make the earth warmer and not the distance from/angle facing the sun. We live in the sun’s atmosphere, but they’ll be sure to let us know that the amalgamation of cow farts is causing us to sweat profusely. Yes, we will all have swamp ass, because of cow farts. These people will produce a nuclear winter to “save the planet”, killing everything in the process, then tell everyone, “the science changed” and we have to burn all the world’s coal and oil in open pits and vent all the natural gas into the atmosphere to get the temperature back up.

Yeah, yeah, you guys already know that the green agenda is a depopulation and economic collapse agenda. Less sunlight is going to cause problems with plants and not to mention, we all love breathing in the nanobots. Such awesome technology.

Come to think about it, whatever particulate matter that’ll be put up there is going to need to be quite resilient for decades. And we haven’t even begun to discuss what this would entail for all the satellites that are already orbiting earth.

There’s a lot of literature on this. Once they start, there won’t be a way to stop without causing any number of seriously negative outcomes. So, they’ll have to justify keeping it up, forever as they did with the covid hoax.

Calcium carbonate is one option they’re considering. You gotta love that )ewish Ashkenazim supah bwain!

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The fucking arrogance of it all. I suggest reading the whole article to get a taste of just how overconfident they are in their moral self-righteousness and feasibility of their project. It’s another level of true belief.

The modern “science inc.” fanaticism bears a remarkable resemblance to good old Lysenkoism.

You vill live in perpetual darkness, goy, and you vill be heppy!

This will cause an uncontrollable cooling and disruptions to food production, but “climate science” is already wholly bought, so, there won’t be any big names to oppose it.

Things usually change rapidly when these Elves start believing their own bullshit. Just look into one of the funders, Rachel Pritzker; more specifically, her relative, Jennifer Pritzker and you’ll see what I mean. They may be genuinely too insane to back down on this issue.

Sun, meat, family; they are against all the nice things on this planet. Fucking )ews.

An Ecomodernist Manifesto

It has a Communist Manifesto kind of ring to it, doesn’t it?

Guys, there’s already big money behind this project. Too much, as a matter of fact, for it to end up a nothing-burger.

Goal 13: Climate Action

Fuck yeah! This shit is based beyond belief! Geoengeneering is a banger, for sure! Make our oceans purple!

They’ve been subliminally conditioning us to accept this…

I can’t wait for them to tip us straight into the next glacial period. People will slaughter scientists en masse, technology will be outlawed and we’ll have a dark age that lasts for thousands of years.

All jokes aside, any chaos generated from this may cause some doubt in the mind of the individual, then the )ewish lamestream media that’s in control of the normie-sphere will kick into overdrive. Freedom of speech is anathema to these totalitarian elves. I still see people in masks for fuck’s sake. The NPC cattle is so mind-farmed that their perception of reality is warped beyond repair.

I want to believe. Yes, I want to believe that these people aren’t scientists and are merely retarded celebrity activists in lab coats, seeking to be the world’s next Jesus, with statues of themselves erected all over the globe, regardless of how many may have to die along the way. I want to believe that no real scientist would endorse such foolish and reckless behavior based on emotional convictions and feel-good bullshit and some extrapolations of extrapolated data. Hyper-ideological politics playing science.

If we let them do this, like we’ve let them do everything else, we belong in a coward’s hell for all eternity.

I want to believe that they are worried about the upcoming solar Coronal Mass Ejection killing them out; which it will. Hopefully, the gist of all of this is that a massive CME is coming and it is being weaponized by a type 2 civilization, that is completely hostile to ZOGs. They know it’s going to target them directly, so they’re panicking now and trying to think of ways of stopping it. The stuff they feed their scientists is that the CME will kill all life, when in reality, it’s being focused by an advanced civilization to pinpoint hits on dumbs, military bases and elves!

I can only hope. Don’t hold it against me.

Here’s your real redpill, my fellow goy:

The final goal of the NWO is to end all natural life on this planet and replace it with cybernetic “lifeforms”, controlled by a central AI. This explains the demonization of CO2 which is the basis for all life. Block the sun and then there is no photosynthesis, no vitamin D for mammals and so on.

Know the outcome, then you can recognize the journey.