1945 – 1965; Boomers are born.

1972; Nixon ends the Bretton Woods agreement and currency is disconnected from value allowing it to be printed to infinity, thereby, debasing it on the way. Boomers are the first generation to get this freely printed debt currency (see The Cantillon Effect). Boomers are 7 – 27 years old at this time in history.

70s – 80s; Boomers go to college/university and get grants to go, ie. they get PAID to go. Or, they enter full time employment with a school diploma and a firm handshake where they are guaranteed work for life, with health insurance, a company car etc. with training and support. They get 10-15% on their current accounts just for keeping currency at the bank. Merger laws were relaxed which ended free and fair capitalism. Divorce epidemic ends nuclear families.

1972 – 2001 ; Boomers ride the biggest most consistent rise in debt that has ever happened, ever watching the national debt clock rise and knowing full well you cant just print money. Boomers were between the ages of 27 at the youngest and 56 years at the oldest.

2001; the economy shits the bed and has never really recovered. Corporate bailouts become a thing. Boomers bail out their own corporations. Boomers are now 36 – 56 years old and are established home owners. Have children. Have Families.

2008 – The housing market crashes. The debt binge has banks bankrupt and in need of constant bailouts to stay afloat, starting with $700Bn. Boomers bailout their current accounts and pensions. Boomers are 43 – 63 years old.

2019 – Boomers have orchestrated this regime of constant bailouts to keep their pensions funded. Boomers retire en masse. Constant bailouts are needed to keep the economy afloat. Boomers are 54 – 74 years old.

2020 – Fake Boomer media fuelled pandemic to justify more stimulus spending.

2021: Boomers require “Economic Reset” agenda


Please submit a cover lett-

Not playing your boring games, Boomoids.

“Just look busy”. “Work from the office, so we can waste company money for absolutely no reason”. “Because I say so”. “Just put in some extra elbow grease if you want that raise buddy. No promises and I won’t pay you any extra, though.” “The office is like a family”. “No you can’t talk with your colleagues, look at your phone or listen to music even if we have absolutely nothing for you to do”.

The old boomer mindset to working in the 2020s is actually counterintuitive in today’s economy, given the huge advancements that we have had since the 70s.

Boomers have completely destroyed the morale of wage jobs. I wouldn’t mind working at a McDonalds for 15/hr, but I won’t be debased by having to be yelled at by a fat fuck while, all I can do is smile.

Drug dealers and violent criminals get more respect, more female attention and more way money than a noble wagie. Even boomers who would curse you out in a retail uniform don’t make eye contact with you if you act like a thug. What message is a Zoomer/Millennial supposed to take? I think this to be the biggest reason people do not want to work, because working under some low IQ, socipathic middle managing assholes, is one of the most dehumanizing experiences a person can have.

Yeah, )ews are behind it, but boomers knew they were fucking over future generations and didnt give a fuck. They should thank their god that we aren’t beating them to death in the streets. “Noooooo! You have to always be employed and be a productive member for our shitty society that shits on you.”

The economy is freefalling in real-time, “jobs” are becoming automated within 20 years and it is becoming less risky to try to start your own business than to go into debt in school and work a regular job, so what’s the point?

In the end, it was a terrible mistake to allow women in the workplace.