Who is the TikTok generation? Well, for starters, the Tik Tok generation is Generation Zed (Z) — the Zoomers — the generation that was born in the late 90s, early 2000s and 2010s; sometimes called, “Generation Alpha”. Now, I know why they are referred to in this manner, even though it is quite odd; it is to restart the Greek alphabet, but calling a generation “Generation Alpha”, especially in light of current memology and the current lexicon, it is a bit odd, to say the least, but we’ll leave that aside, for now.

The TikTok generation is in fact, fundamentally different than almost every previous generation, by a large measure and a large degree. When I say they are different, I do not mean that they are physiologically different, or psychologically different (even though, it would not be difficult to prove that they are) (I do not think the human hardware that we’ve been installed with has changed fundamentally in the span of 20, 30, 40 years. Again, I am almost certain there exists evidence to show changes; just not fundamental changes). I am talking about how they have grown up and how they have interacted and continue to interact with the environment. This is important, because a lot of people have a misunderstanding of what’s afoot and what’s going on, particularly the older generations. Most do not understand that whatever the TikTok generation is, how they interact and engage with each other, is going to be defining for all human interaction going forward. This is to say that there is no turning back.

What am I referring to, specifically? I am referring to not just social media addiction, but the social media requirement. What do I mean by this? Well, most of you already understand what I mean, or at least have some inkling, but let’s start with a little anecdote.

The amount of influence TikTok has had on Zoomers is honestly shocking. The way the algorithm works on TikTok is relatively simple, as it makes it so that everyone has a chance to “become “famous”‘, promoting similar content depending on how long you have watched specific videos. Yet, what really concerns me is the amount of Zoomer girls dancing and acting so provocatively on the app, influencing other Zoomer girls to record themselves doing the same dance moves, and this concern grows deeper when you realize most of these girls are underaged, and younger people are usually more prone to bad influences.

Zoomers are already a pretty bad generation with their inflated egos and very retarded, unconstructed, warped, liberal views, but they’re going to be even worse with this trend weakening future men and women by promoting unhealthy relationships and worldviews. How do we save this generation from being flushed down the toilet? We can’t! Women have already destroyed them and this is the end.

I have spoken to a few Gen Z teenagers and they have told me, for example, that it is actually impossible for them to do their schoolwork without being on Discord; that there are “work groups” within school that they need to get access to in order to get their schoolwork and homework done. So, it is a requirement that they have Discord. A few other mediums are Microsoft Teams and Zoom. For an example of one that is less of a requirement, many Gen Z teens I have talked to, have mentioned Instagram. If you are a Zoomer and you meet someone and they learn that you do not have an Instagram profile, they will view you as an oddball. In fact, it is just a given that one has an Instagram with some panoply of photographs, usually of themselves and some other things and if you do not, you will be seen as a little odd.

Of course, I am going off of anecdotes, here, but generally speaking, I have encountered so many of these anecdotes that they cannot just be a coincidence. You could say this phenomena occurs only in the circles you run in, maybe, but I’ve spoken to many, many Normies of all stripes, flavors and ages and I’ve talked to many Normies of the Zoomer generation and I can assure you, that the things I am describing are quite common. This is say, that there is both a literal dependence on these technologies and social media (Discord being required to get any school work done in order to work in groups ), or the social expectation that one must have an Instagram, were they to have any semblance of a social life.

These things are not entirely new, because, in essence, it is a bit like the old game of “keeping up with the Jones'”. However, it is “keeping up with the Jones'” on steroids. To a degree, this is scarcely comprehensible, but the difference is fundamentally in the traditional setup of “keeping up with the Jones'”. There was a degree of illusion with keeping up with the Jones’, where one felt compelled to do so, but it wasn’t an outright requirement, in the same sense that a 15 year old teenager who needs to get his homework done needs to be on Discord, or to be on-call with people in order to get work done in the group, or if you want to have a social life, you absolutely have to make use of social media.

Now, of course there are going to be exceptions, however, I am talking about the broad trends and tendencies. There are, obviously, people who do not make use of social media and they are, in fact, Zoomers, yet, broadly speaking; just take a look around. Observationally, were you to interact with people, almost everyone has some kind of social media presence and has a presence of varying degrees, that is important, or less important, but generally speaking, it is far held as a high expectation and with more importance than it was “back in the day” for previous generations.

Now the real question is, “how has this affected them — Zoomers?” Again, a lot of people jump the gun, especially older folks, and they assume that this is not going to continue in perpetuity; that this is just a phase, or a fad; that eventually the Zoomers and “generation alpha” (what an odd term to describe a generation that was raised by single mothers and is entrenched and brainwashed into female values) will become “adults”.

Well let’s look at the anecdotal data again. Let us look at the whole idea of “keeping up with the Kardashians”.

In our modern gynocentric society — a toxic, horrendous nightmare, where the average individual’s personal constitution is imbued with Feminine values — there are grownups — adults — who are obsessed with social media. I do not think there is going to be some cut off, going forward, where people think, “well I am 35 years old, now. I guess it is time for me to get off Instagram and Tik Tok.” I do not think things like “the wall” as it is sometimes put (that age where women who are nighing the age of 30 and above, “lose their beauty” and attractiveness), are going to prevent women from being on social media. Again, look at the actual data. Look at older women in their 30s, even in their 40s, doing this thing.

As a matter of fact, here’s a nice example. You may be familiar with these so-called, “TikTok Shorts” and these bizarre “TikTok Challenges” as they are called. Sometimes, in the case of women, the challenge is to walk around without a bra, or bikini challenges, or what have you, and there was unironically, a woman who was 40 years old, who was participating in the bra-less challenge and who knows if she was lying. She probably was. She looked pretty well preserved. Maybe that’s her whole shtick, who knows? Yet the point still remains that this will continue in perpetuity and the whole notion of “keeping up with the Kardashians” will also continue and people will feel compelled, because if they don’t, they will be left behind and they will be cut out of the social order.

Now, in will come the argument, of course, that these young folks are damaging themselves and they probably are. In fact, it is kind of undeniable at this point and there have actually been studies showing that, particularly young girls, or teenage girls, are very damaged by social media by and large, due to the fact that the way females operate in terms of conflict mediation, is that they don’t duke it out like guys do. They tend to be spiteful, make use of social sabotage, they talk behind people’s backs and things like that. They possess absolutely no comprehension of sportsmanship. So, there’s no question that it’s actually damaging to a lot of these young women, but I do not believe that it is just a question of how many of them are being damaged, but a question of the perception of whether or not any of this is an absolute necessity — tomorrow, would all of them decide, “hey, I don’t need this anymore”, “I’m going to get off of this thing”. If so, then yes, it wouldn’t be necessary, but that’s not what Zoomers are going to decide. That is my prediction.

People think, “they’re going to get older, “they’re going to get more mature, eventually”, “they’re going to get off it”.

No! this generation going forward and every generation after that, is going to be living and breathing social media and there’s no point of return! The point of “no return” occurred at least a few years ago, probably a lot longer. Going forward, if you want to “be somebody”, then you need to have a social media presence.

Then, people often wonder — normies wonder — why the younger guys are so obsessed with looks. This is because everything is mediated by this extremely visual medium and you don’t have the opportunity to present anything else. All there is, is the visual aspect. Your eyes are engaged and looks become the most primary factor. This, of course, leads to another potential issue and that is a stunting of personality growth and character development.

I’m not saying this is happening, but it certainly could be a possibility going forward, were we to consider that everything is dependent on social media and if one does not participate, then one would be left out. On the other hand, putting up photos and videos and TikTok shorts, is not going to enhance one’s personality. It is certainly not going to build character.

What I do see happening is the stunting of inner growth and this is totally due to women. The entire society and future generations are being neotenized and infantilized, like women. Gen Z will continue to be obsessed with Nigger culture and being the weirdest, outlandish and bizarre as much as they can be for attention, and all of this is due to the fact that they were raised and influenced by women.

This may sound a bit nebulous, but what I mean is that people are not working on their characters in terms of being welll rounded people. They are all about that visual external projection and not about learning valuable life lessons. Again, this is totally due to women being given free roam in public life.

Is any of this good? Absolutely not! Yet, this seems to be the way things are going and this sort of damage is not going to be easy to avoid, nor reverse. Going forward, we are going to see a continuational decline of everything, because women are no longer where they belong. As a result of this human tragedy that is women unrestrained, we are going to see a different type of human being emerge from this, in terms of their personality, how they interact with the world and it is not going to be pretty.

Unfortunately, women are our teachers and “educators”.

Anyone with half a brain can observe that this mess that women have created is here to stay. Anyone who cares to be honest as I am, can also observe that this is in fact damaging to the individuals who are participating. Sure, it can be argued that all of this is in all likelihood going to be the case that the females who are participating in braless TikTok shorts at age 20, will still do it at age 30 and 40. I’m not so sure about age 50, although, who knows, given certain trends. They might establish themselves as V-Tubers, or use some kind of filter. There are all sorts of possibilities for this sort of thing and many of these possibilities are already employed, right now.

The concern I have is an anecdotal observation; I have noticed just how stunted some of these personalities I’ve encountered have been with just interacting. None of them have any interests. They have zero interest in things outside of a social media presence and participation. That’s all that’s running around in their heads and that is a bit of a scary thought.

I wonder if any of you reading have spoken to a Zoomer recently. If so, how was it? Were they able to hold a conversation, or were their brains being fried from communicating entirely in emojis, ebonics, and Tiktok videos?

Again, of course there’s going to be some subsector of these people who are not obsessed with this stuff; who are not participating in this filth left and right and they will probably be the “leaders of the Zoomers” going forward. They will be the ones who are going to participate in politics and economics and what have you, but there will be huge swaths of them who will forever be chained to this new medium and also be damaged as a consequence. Like all forms of technology human beings have invented throughout history, we just release it and just hope for the best and most of the time, it’s just a terrible, double-edged sword and we just believe that we have to live with consequences without any solution in sight. This is exactly what has occurred with releasing women out into wider society.

Hey, the truth is, most of us will be long gone by then, but look forward to your 60 year old Zoomer, doing her bikini TikTok short with a filter and all sorts of new forms of technology that will make her look like she’s 25 even though she’s obviously not.