The Democrats don’t need an upheaval right now and it isn’t an election year, so you won’t see a riot over this video. Their media can turn this stuff off and on like a faucet. It’ll all get memory holed. It’s okay if you consider this click-bait! The Communists run the BLM corporation and the Antifa-controlled drone society. They don’t allow either of the two to fake “rebel” during a Communist presidency. Both of these groups are complete fake and controlled by the establishment. Nothing will happen.

On the other hand: ACAB! All Cops Are Bastards!

Don’t give me that one bad apple bullshit. This is EVERY police officer. There is no such thing as a good cop, because cops are weapons of the state and those who occupy government. They will support and enforce bad laws. Upholding unjust laws that hurt others makes you a piece of shit. They will kill you in support of these awful laws that are used to oppress us.

“They’re just following orders.”


I don’t hear any support for the Nazis who were just following orders!!! So, fuck you dumb fucks.

They will shoot you in cold fucking blood, because they have a license to kill, by the retards that YOU consented authority to over us. White, black and green and everyone else in between. Cops are dumb, worthless, pieces of shit who will murder you!

Oh, what? He had a taser? Okay and the cop had a gun! Which one do you think is deadly, or deadlier?

“No. He had a “Deadly Weapon”.

Yet when police fire their tasers at a suspect, it’s non-lethal, right? Because, obviously, if the the police gets tased they could have a heart attack and die, right? Hence, “deadly weapon”, right?

Very clever wording in police reports, these days.

He was resisting and the cops only need to feel threatened to be justified in their use of deadly force. He’s so threatening while face down on the ground with a mangima, feel-strong faggot on top of him.

He was executed! Plain and simple.

“This is the price we pay to live in a civilized society.”

Bullshit! There’s nothing civilized about our society. Tell me what’s so civilized about this shit:

“We thought he was reaching for a gun.”

Give me a fucking break. The poor bastard was scared shitless for his life, while these evil pieces of shits were yelling and cursing at him, cladded in body armor and riot gear. There were like 20 of them and only him.

You MAGAtards remember January 6th? Yet, you support and subscribe to the COPAGANDA. You support a bunch of deranged lunatics who steal our monies, then turn around and murder us. Yes! Taxation is fucking theft! You finance yours and my oppression. They get paid with stolen money!

Here’s a red pill for you retards out there: White police officers and their retarded supporters (those who subscribe to COPAGANDA) are responsible for all the anti-white hatred.

You can say they are only part of the problem and begin to list the other problems, including Jews, but were you a critical thinker, you’d see that these are all symptoms.

I’ll explain. Most people who subscribe to BLM communist propaganda, or to be more specific, bullshit such as reparations for Blacks, or “take the knee”; regardless of race, ethnicity and class, when asked why they think these things are necessary, they will tell you it is because of how blacks were treated in the past. And guess what! White cops are seen as the evil, brutal slave master, by Blacks, and subconsciously, by everyone else. And guess what! They perpetuate and maintain the image all on their own through their evil actions! Blacks resist them, not only because they are recalcitrant and retarded, because they subconsciously comprehend that cops are enslavers and are there to enforce slavery.

How? I’m glad you asked.

There is overt and covert slavery. Overt slavery is where the laws created criminalize yours and my behavior and actions and is backed by the 13th Amendment, which essentially states criminals are slaves. I am paraphrasing, of course, but go ahead and read it yourself. Here you go:


Section 1.
Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section 2.
Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

Passed by Congress January 31, 1865. Ratified December 6, 1865.

After reading this you should come to the understanding that slavery was never abolished and you should further understand why there are so many laws against victimless “crimes”. Cops enforce these victimless crime laws — laws that can and will render you a slave — with deadly force.

Then there’s covert slavery, which is the fact that you and I are property of the state, or at least they treat us as such. Not only can you and I not do what we want with our own bodies, but we also have to pay a portion of what we earn to the state (our owners). We do so by force! Were you and I to not pay our taxes (leave the plantation) we would be shot, or at best, imprisoned. We would be criminalized, which as mentioned earlier, according to the 13th Amendment, would make us slaves, anyway.

Yet, you have the retarded MAGAtards who subscribe to the COPAGANDA, and guess who maintains the COPAGANDA?


When did the cops come around? Only in the last century. Before that, there was the sheriff. Cops only came about due to WOMEN and Feminine values, both of which are the main catalysts and agents of chaos, behind the Voltstead Act. The suffragettes and the fucking Temperance League cunts! That’s how we got cops and the fucking FBI — Prohees. Women and their cult of Safety, needed to be safe, if they were to be allowed free roam in society. If they were allowed to be where they do not belong, hence the cops — dumb, mangina faggots with inferiority complexes. Wayne Wheeler was a pussy who, like a woman, couldn’t defend himself, so he blamed alcohol for his bad experience, like a woman, because he subscribed to Feminine values.

None of this means that we should let niggers run around killing and assaulting people. No way! But, guess what! What the cops do, anybody can do. We all could do it. But, guess what! What the cops do, were we to do it, we would be criminalized!

Again, here’s a question that I’ve asked that nobody can give a rational answer to: why is it okay for these people (cops and politicians) to do things that were anyone else to do them, would be considered wrong for doing them? Why do they get to do things that you and I would be considered criminals, were we to do it?

In the end, what we can certainly say is, niggers are retarded for “resisting arrest”, because these cops — bloodthirsty, trigger-happy, psychopathic retards — have a license to kill and only if you have a death wish, should you haggle with cops, as niggers often do. Then, there’s the perspective of, maybe we could learn something from niggers — FREEDOM! Whites have evolved to respect authority (respect their oppressors) (it used to be: follow certain rules to maintain a peaceful, trustworthy and cohesive society, which no longer exists) and all that bullshit. Niggers haven’t.

Or, is it perhaps that their conflict resolution strategies lean on the side of violence and not that they do not recognize authority?

For Blacks, White Cops are seen as the ultimate oppressive authority figures and they are absolutely right about that. The irony therein is that most people would agree that niggers need to be policed, but this isn’t true!

The problem with niggers is that someone thought it a good idea to let them in. You don’t bring bears and other dangerous animals into your home, do you? Same applies to niggers. You don’t police animals, do you? Same applies to niggers.

Were we allowed to bear arms as the Constitution states, and not be criminalized for it, niggers wouldn’t be a problem and there wouldn’t be a need for cops.