Fuck cops. We do not need cops when we have 2A. Only women, politicians, )ews and the rich need and support cops, because they use force against us when and if we do not subscribe to their tyranny.

Having said that, this is one of the worst cases of suicide I’ve ever seen caught on camera.

Most people just see a nigger, he’s resisting arrest, then comes the assumption that “he musta dun sumfin wrong”. In addition, their dislike and distaste for nigger behavior clouds their judgements and they cannot differentiate, nor separate one incident from the other. They are unable to see that this was cold blooded suicide.

They find themselves saying things like, “the only tears I’ll shed for a dead nigger are tears of JOY”, “that cop is a fucking hero. One less nigger” and “A bullet to the back of the head — that’s the only punishment niggros understand, and all niggro criminals should get the same treatment.”

They then dredge up other typical nigger behavior scenarios and past incidences to justify the suicide by cop of another.

Isn’t it strange how a NY domestic terrorist nigger tries to kill a bunch of people in a subway station, then the nigger Saint Floyds himself, just in time to take attention away from it?

This is the true New Normal: nig nog chimps out, gets suicided by a dumb ass, power-seething manlet cop, then businesses preemptively board up windows and barricade all the doors. This is how things are now, and how they will be, forever.

Niggers are great State’s Attorneys. They can always turn a traffic violation into the death penalty.

Better yet, Cop are great State’s Attorneys. They can always turn a traffic violation into the death penalty.

“Serve and Protect”. Uh, no. Police exist to enforce state corporate interests, not ensure public safety. They do not give a fuck about the individual, unless they can put you in prison, or issue you a ticket. The fucking road pirates they are. Their personal safety matters more to them than the laws they enforce. Being mentally ill or a druggie is a death sentence, were the police to confront you and this is why people are so disconnected. No one cares unless it happens to them.

In this nation, the police are trained by Israeli Defense Forces, to deal with us in the same manner )ews treat Palestinians, and this is one of the biggest reasons as to why there are all these problems with these retarded cops. Peelian ethics were abandoned a long time ago. Millions of dollars are spent on COPAGANDA in order to garner support for these morons with a badge and a gun. It is all intentional, poor training to affect the desired )ewish agenda and outcome — keep everyone divided.

On one end, the pendulum swings and cops are rightfully hated for their stupidity and cruelty. Then the pendulum swings to the other end, where niggers are riled up by the )ewish lamestream media and communist propaganda about “evil whitey” and they chimp out and the cops are called in to quell it, thereby justifying the need for the cops. Rinse and repeat and you’ll have an entire society fit for )ewish subversion. Problem. Reaction. Solution.

This cycle is made and perpetuated by women, )ews, faggoty politicians and useful idiot MAGAtards, who subscribe to feminine values. The interests of these morons are abound, through it all.

Honestly, I wish whenever shit like this happens, niggers would just go hunt the pigs down. It would solve two problems at once.